Sunday, July 4, 2010

Your Top 10 Most Requested Reviews/Release Dates

Ever since I started on youtube the requests keep coming in hourly. I get all kinds of requests and I try my best to do what I can for my subscribers. There are two kinds of requests. The one that I don't have the bottle and the one that I do have the bottle. Usually if I don't have a bottle and you request it to be reviewed by me there is a good chance that I will buy the bottle and review it. When I do get requests for current bottles that I own I try to speed up the process especially if I am getting tons of requests. So i thought it would be fun to let you guys know the top 10 most requested bottles to be reviewed by me and tell you guys when it might come out as far as a youtube video release date. So let's get to it :

#10 ) Bleecker Street by Bond No 9 ( Release date: To Be Determined)

I am just starting the reviewing process with this fragrance which means research online of various information about the fragrance and I am grading it on longevity & projection in the warmer months ahead. I am also going to wear it in the Fall & Winter and see how it does. After that process is done we should see a review on Bleecker.

So 2011 review perhaps or late 2010 depending on how many reviews I do and how fast I can dissect this fragrance.

#9) Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior (Release Date : Fall/Winter 2010)

This one is much closer to being reviewed then Bleecker. So Fahrenheit fans you will get a review this year. It's in I would say stage 2 of the reviewing process. I have done all the paperwork for winter testing and FA has done well. I am waiting to come back home and do some warm weather testing and also gauge female/male response on the fragrance itself in various stages (top/heart/base). I cannot wait to review this fragrance and as much as I loved it when I first got it I must say it's not a 10/10 at the moment for me.

#8) Cool Water by Davidoff (Release Date: Early August)

I am at the final stages of this review for Cool Water. It was ready to be reviewed before I left but I decided to take a few more months with it since it is a classic. Needless to say this will be one of my first reviews back once I am back home. This has not been reviewed by many reviewers surprisingly and I cannot wait to tackle it since all I really need to do with the review is some final touches and samples in the warm weather settings.

#7) Black Aoud by Montale (Release Date : Late August/Early September)

Black Aoud has been really interesting and I have gotta lots of mail ever since I got it. Tons of people on youtube are really interested in this brand and this fragrance, it has been untouched by the youtube community and I cannot wait to be the first to let you guys know what I think of this brand and this fragrance. Expect a late August review with this one as it is in stage 3 of the reviewing process.

#6) Allure Homme Sport by Chanel (Release Date :TBD)

Chanel Allure line is very popular and within reason. I am in stage 1/2 with Allure Sport. I think this one may go quicker then Bleecker as far as a release date for a review. I am pretty familiar with this fragrance which means I can speed up the process and you could see it popping in a subscriber's choice video in the near future.

#5) Virgin Island Water by Creed (Release Date: November/December 2010)

This one has been requested time and time again. I have done lots of testing and research on this bad boy and I am pretty familiar with it. The main testing is obviously in the warm weather which I am planning to do once I am back home this summer to do the bulk of the testing for this fragrance. Expect a review once summer is over (which I know is a bad time to release it but hey it needs the testing). As far as my rating goes for this one, I am still blown away with this fragrance.

#4) Encre Noire by Lalique (Release Date : September)

This one really surprised me that it did not win the Subscriber's choice against Himalaya. I guess the niche heads really wanted me to review a niche finally. I have been getting tons of mail on this one and people want it to be reviewed. I am just finishing up on this fragrance as far as getting all the specs done for a review and you should expect a review in the near future.

#3) Brooklyn by Bond No 9 (Release date: August)

Oh yes the infamous Brooklyn. I hyped this bottle for a long time and people really want to know about this fragrance. I am thinking of releasing the review near my 1 year anniversary on youtube so watch out for it. I am done the review as far as the paperwork is concerned all I need to do is record it.

#2) L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake (Release Date : Fall 2010)

This surprised me that I have been getting a large amount of mail to review this bottle. It's popular and it's been reviewed quite a bit on youtube and other reviewing sites. So it took me by shock that I was getting this much mail on this one. I have been working on the review quite a bit last time I was home on this one and the review is almost complete just needs more testing in the warm weather and I also really want to test it in the fall and see how it does.

#1) Green Irish Tweed by Creed (Release date: August/September)

This is by far my most requested video review. I have been working none stop on this fragrance since I got it. This is probably the one video that I have done the most testing for as far as season/settings and compliments goes. It might be the one video that I think will change the way I review overall since I have done so much work on it that I think it might just have to change my process for others since I have found out quite a bit about GIT that will surprise you. You asked for it this review is coming !!!

Thank you for everyone that requests reviews without you I would not know what you guys want me to put out as far as content. Please keep sending me Personal messages or anything to reach me and let me know what you want me to review either from my collection or something that I do not have. I hope you enjoyed the top 10 most requested and hope to hear from all of you in the future.



  1. wat shall i go for... BVLGARI AQVA or DAVIDOFF COOL WATER...

  2. depends what you want. If I had the choice i'd go with Aqva

  3. Hey there, I'm assuming the release date, is the release date of the review, am I correct?

  4. Looking forward to the Green Irish Tweed review.

  5. thanx marc... again.. waiting for COOL WATER review.. hope u get back soon.. till then hv a grt time.. cheers

  6. yes the release date is the date of the review approx.

  7. hey marc bro,does green irish tweed project good or not?

  8. Wow! Bleecker Street and Black Oud are requested often? Interesting. I can understand why Green Irish Tweed is requested so often. I can't wait to see your reviews on these fragrances.

  9. could u review himalaya by creed soon please?cheers.

  10. can u do a review on ed hardy love and luck please? btw does ed hardy hearts and daggers smell good too?

  11. Marc i have to order one BOND frag..which would you recommend..BLEECKER STREET or your much hyped BROOKLYN!!!

  12. I recently bought chanel allure homme sport. I like it but it's not anything special. I wrote a review on it on my blog. maybe you guys can check it out! greets