Thursday, December 31, 2009

Subscriber's Choice Video : My Bloggers get first Pick 2010

Alright guys it's about that time to do my subscriber's choice video. The Aqva vs 212 vs YSL showdown... you will see soon who wins the matchup.As promised my fellow followers on my blog get first choice or view of the next 3 bottles to go head to head. This will be the 1st of 2010. You know what to do, comment at the end of this blog. The choices are to follow :

212 Sexy Men. I'm not sure i
f the original 212 will win this weeks. If it does this might be the first time I will review the same house for my subscriber's choice in consecutive weeks. So please vote if you want
Sexy men to be reviewed.

Thierry Mugler's Pure Coffee is next. I know everyone knows how much I love TM's fragrances. Would Pure Coffee get that elusive 10 out of 10 rating that Pure Malt got ? We might see, if you vote it in.

Last but not least it's CD's Homme Sport. We all know Dior's amazing fragrances and this is no slouch either. It can hang against the big boys and should get a good number of votes.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

18 Bottles purchased

Found another discontinued Diesel fragrance. This one here has good reviews I will try it out. Cheap Cheap too

John Varvatos the Original. I got Vintage & Artisan now I got the original.

Pi by Givenchy. Owned it, lost it. Now bought it back.

Swiss Army for men, this was one of my faves back in the day. I totally forgot about it until I smelt it just recently and wanted another bottle.

24k by Jivago. My first from this house too. There's lil' gold flakes in this mofo.. no joke. I'm not expecting much, this is more of a bottle purchase then a juice purchase.

Challenge by Lacoste. I hear so many bad things on this one. So let's take a smell

Black Sun by Salvador Dali. A Huge fragrance house, they have the weirdest bottles too. My first from them, this is going to be my first impression on this house.

Noir by St Dupont. Cool bottle, heard good things so I will try

Nikos for men. I have no clue what I just bought. It looked cool, never heard of it.

Ed hardy's love & luck. Well I don't know how many requests I had for one Ed Hardy fragrance, so I finally caved and got this one. Hopefully it's better then the original.

Ungaro's Apparition Intense. My first from this house. Someone said Rhubarb so I bought it.

My 2nd Joop fragrance, this one is Electric Heat released in 2009. I wanted the newest offering and see what it smells like.

Set Sail St. Barts by Tommy Bahama , my very first TB fragrance. There's tequila in this, oh yea !!!

Arpege pour Homme.. um no clue about this one and the bottle does not say much either cept for a big black dot... hmm

L'instant de Guerlain. I decided to go again and try out another Guerlain fragrance, it was between this and Habit Rouge. We will see if I picked the right one.

Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge, I hear this one is sweet... almost too sweet. I love sweet.

Quasar... a intresting bottle and juice. I think I might like this one.

Hugo Boss Soul... trying to get a dent into the Hugo Boss line. Still more to purchase tho, namely Boss In Motion (the original)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Purchase Alert : 16 New bottles Added to the Closet

Let's start off with Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for him. I keep hearing this is sooo good. I say really ? are you sure ? I'm skeptical on this one

Chic for men by Carolina Herrera. I hear good things... we will see

Is it just me or Hugo has a huge collection of bottles. It feels like always buying a bottle of Hugo Boss and I have another 20 to buy from this house. Well Energise is my latest buy from Hugo. I will see what this brings.

Very Irresistible by Givenchy. A blind buy but from what I hear I believe this is going to be one of my favs.

L"eau D'issey ... yea I never owned this. some would say it's about time. I say.. hey I liked the summer ones better.

Versace man. I am running out of bottle to by from Versace before I get into those god awful Versace Jeans colognes. UGH ! This might be my last from Versace.

Weekend by Burberry...the darkhorse of the Burberry line. Let's see how bad it is.. perhaps the burberry line is so good that this one can't compete. We will see

Proof by A&F... another Abercrombie cologne. Trying to see what the fuss is about. They are quality...but nothing groundbreaking. I need to find those Ruehl ones tho.

Black by Kenneth Cole lol... enough said

I think I'm on a Cool Water Flanker kick. I just bought Hot Water a couple weeks ago, now this limited edition one. Not sure really where I'm going with this since they aren't that impressive.... really ?

Bulgari Extreme is my next purchase.. blind buy. I just love BLV fragrances and just thought this one would be nice to try.

Yes I bought CK One. FINALLY ! I was a CK BE fanboy and never ever wanted to own a bottle of CK one.. not sure why, i felt like i was cheating on the ck be perhaps. Anyways I got it now, and it's cheap to get.

Dior Homme. Just like the Chanel Allure line, I am trying to get all of these. I decided to get Dior Homme since I already have the Sport one. I smelt this a few months ago and I loved it.

I bought M7.. i fell in love with this at Schiphol Airport when I passed thru this month. So I swore to myself to get this bottle and m7 fresh. Well i got the original for now.

I got Chanel Allure Sport. I don't have the whole Allure pour Homme line and decided to add this one to my Edition Blanche. Now all I need is the original lol

Fahrenheit 32... I decided to get a flanker from the original and see how this one goes. I was going to buy Absolute but the price to get it in Canada was outrageous. So $70 american for this one made more sense to me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Subscriber's Choice Video : My Bloggers get first Pick

Anyone that follows me on youtube knows that the best part of the video I make is the subscriber's choice video, where I pick 3 fragrances from my staple and let YOU decide which one I will review in (usually friday's video) a week. It makes for a lot of fun for me since I don't know which I will review at the end of the week. What I will do today is give you guys my followers on my blog a chance to vote on this blog in the comments section before anyone on youtube even know the choices for when I return home. So you guys will have a heads up, if you do subscribe to me on youtube your vote will count on the blog and on my video on youtube when I post it so that means you get two votes !! Not bad. So here are the 3 bottles I am going to put head to head.

Blvgari Acqua

La Nuit de l'homme by Yves Saint- Laurent

212 by Carolina Herrera

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Purchase Alert : 10 New bottles Added to the Closet

Ok I know I know I said I was done for the year 2009 of purchasing... guess once a collector always a collector. Well I guess this means more reviews and more fun. I love getting new bottles . So let get the list started.... oh these are all mainstream and I was thinking of buying another Creed but alas I decided on buying 10 bottles instead :) ..

Armani Attitude is the first. Yes I am stocking up on winter frags, this one I smelled once when it first came out, if I remember correctly it was kinda in the Burberry London aisle of things. So I bought it on a hunch on what I remembered, hopefully my memory serves me right.

2nd on the list was Blue Sugar. This thing was real cheap and I always see it in stores and never bother. But I love sweet frags, with a name like blue sugar how can I say no ? I smelled Pink Sugar before for the ladies but never blue so we will see. It was cheap and it might pay off.

Third bottle is A&F's Colden. Umm really I only own one A&F bottle and that is Fierce and own only 2 Hollister Frags. Decided that I might need one more A&F and see what the fuss is about on these bad boys.

My 4th bottle is Lacoste Essential. I know this is not a winter fragrance, at least it's not suppost to be. I needed more Lacoste frags in my staple, I only have 2. This is my third. Apparently it's the most popular too, so might as well get it and see what it does. This is a obvious blind buy.

My 5th is Guess Man. Nothing to say here. I am not sure what to expect and sometimes that's the way I like it. Total Blind Buy , I know there is a Guess Suede too. We will see what this does for me, was only $20 so worth my time for that much money.

6th is Davidoff's Hot Water. One of my subscriber's on youtube told me to get this, so I saw it and I saw the high price tag compared to the other Cool Water clones that Davidoff made and realized that this is brand new 2009 offering. So what the hey, not a big fan of Davidoff so let's see if Hot Water can put me on the Davidoff bandwagon.

7th bottle is Intimately Beckham . Really again I got no idea what I just bought. The only thing is these Beckham bottles are getting lots of hype, this is my first one let's see what the hype is about.

My 8th is Kenzo Pour Homme. Hey I love Kenzo. That's right Kenzo & Paco Rabanne fragrances are to me those bottles that are under the radar for some reason( cept for one million now). Kenzo pour homme, I said why not ?

Talking about my man Paco Rabanne how about my 9th bottle which is Ultraviolet. This bottle looks like a staple gun, no joke ! What about the juice Marc ? Um no clue I've seen it in stores, and I know Ultrared is the superior juice to other fragrance heads. We will see in the coming months what I think of it... all I know is Paco is the shit lol
Last bottle is Unforgivable by Sean John. I did get I am King last month. It's at my house now just sitting waiting for my return. I decided why not get this one too. I'll give her a try. Again this is a blind buy.

I bought all of these bottles on ebay. I have a few sellers on there that are stores that I truly know what I am receiving. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Tomorrow I am on my long trip back home. I will be in Amsterdam on the 17th in Schipol Airport most likely in the Duty free cologne section. Let you guys know how it goes and what I bought . Thanks :)