Monday, August 30, 2010

Today`s Youtube review will be on... Cool Water

Hey guys, just uploading my video on my review on the classic Cool Water by Davidoff. Personally this is a great cologne for the price point, if it was much more expensive then perhaps I would not tag this as a great cologne but looking at pricing this is awesome for the price.
I know this one has it`s haters and lovers and I would put myself in the lovers categorie I guess since I don`t find it vile like others do. The main thing with cool water is the lavender and I think alot of people associate lavender with cleaning products, but I feel CW does it well with the other notes surrounding the lavender. Yes it`s very synthetic almost to a fault, but to me it is pleasing and to women they also gave this one a thumbs up.
I was surprised with the longevity though. I only got 5-7 hours daily on 35 testing days of wearing total. Since I heard different opionions on this I really thought longevity was something I had to test numerous times. As far as projection goes, this thing was a beast, as long as it was on me it was projecting and doing very well. One of the best actually at this point of the reviewing proccess for me. As far as compliments go I must of gotten 10-12 compliments while wearing CW which is about average. The wife loved CW when I was testing it out recently and she approves of this cologne. (why am I buying bottles for $200 + when CW works wonders lol)
As far as my stamp of approval on this thing, I would say it`s well done for what it`s made for. It`s a $20 bargain bin fragrance that works very well. This is approved as far as a cheap fragrance goes, especially if your in a country that does not carry CW.
The youtube review will be out today and it will be in much more detail... thank you for reading

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scent of the Day : Himalaya by Creed

Final Testing for Reviewing Purposes (daily wear during summer days)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Canada in a week !!!

Yess !!! I am coming back home in a week. I am excited and very eager to be back home. As far as reviewing I will be pretty busy my first few weeks home, as most of my subscribers know I have purchased my first home and will be pretty busy purchasing furniture and setting things up. As far as fragrance news is concerned for my comeback video to youtube I will try to keep in touch with all of you and hopefully I can post a few videos in the first week of me touching down in Canada. Probably no reviews since they do take almost half a day to a day to complete. I am excited to start my channel with a brand new background and I am setting up to have a new format for my show while I am at it.

Also I have two new features I would like to introduce to you all, first is I will be doing features on perfumiers . One video dedicated to one perfumier, I will bring out all the fragrances that this perfumier has made , a little background on them and the scents they created and a top 3-5 scents that they made and what style they use etc.... my first video will be on the legend Jean Claude Ellena and I will continue this trend so we can put the well deserved spotlight on the people that actually make these scents for us.

My next video idea will be again a spotlight video but this time on the notes in a fragrance. I will tackle one note (vetiver for example). Explain the history of this note in fragrances, which fragrance have this note as the main accord in the scent. What it smells like, and obviously take a few of my favourite scents that have this note and let you know my favourites. Perhaps this will help people know what something smells like and not only you will learn but I will also learn from these videos about some notes in fragrances.

Last but not least my reviews... what's in store ?? Well you have seen a few scents that I posted on my blog that I am working on, but also the age old question of when will I be reviewing my niche scents. The work is done and I will have several niche fragrances reviewed this time around. I also have a summer top 10 scents video planned to be released sometime this month. Other then that we have the same old videos coming back as the Good Bad & Ugly segments will continue, I do have a few haul videos planned and of course more subscriber's choice videos. I will leave you all with that... see you on the tube real soon.


Scent of the Day : Gold Man by Amouage

Since I heard the duty free I will be passing through on my way home will be carrying Amouage I decided to take out my samples of the line and see if I can see if any get my interest. I purchased Jubilation XXV from luckyscent a month ago and I felt that was the only one that I really wanted to spend that kind of money on. Today was Gold Man's turn and I know this is high quality stuff but I can't get past this baby powder feeling I get with this one from first sniff to last sniff. It's just not what I am expecting from this kind of fragrance house. The price makes a big different in my opinion because I like the scent for $50 but not for $250. So yes price does make the decision for me here today, perhaps I am missing something and I am sure I am but this one will stay as a sample for me and not a bottle purchase.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kindness of people on youtube : New Purchase !!!

The kindness of others on youtube in our fragrance community has blown me away. The past 6 months I have seen our community change for the best , I have seen so much kindness to each other from subscribers and reviewers alike giving out samples for free to each other, to doing giveaways to even giving out bottles. This brings a smile to my face how the community has grown and how well it is doing. I want to thank everyone that has ever done a swap, a giveaway or just gave out samples to help another one out.

I recently was emailed by user RobDigz on youtube , and what he wrote really shocked me and really made me realize how special this community is. Rob spearheaded a collection to get me a gift card to one of my favourite websites . Him and several others chipped in and got me this giftcard to thank me for all the work I have done. I quickly emailed him back to thank him and I did not really know what to write to him actually words failed me. I just want to take some time to thank these people that I never met but I do consider friends. Robdigz (Rob) thank you for being one of the best subscribers I could ever have, you have been always there since day 1 with me and I always enjoy your input. Also fellow reviewers KerosenetrewThe, MyMickers, Ptitan08, Ariscotm, Mkousui, KatiePuckrickSmells also subscriber danwalshmtl and of course our fellow splitter Pigasus27, I want to thank you all again for the donation. I have the pleasure to know all of these people from around the world and share the wonderful world of fragrances and hopefully I can continue to do this for another year (yes it has been a year since I've reviewed Le Male in August 2009).

Now to the good stuff lol, what did I buy ? I thought of going to a fragrance house that I have been wanting to try out for a long long time called Parfumerie Generale. I decided to splurge on L'ombre Fauve, this bottle will have a special meaning to me since it was given to me by great friends and the once I do get to review it , it will have a special meaning also. Thanks again and I could of not though of a better 1 year anniversary on reviewing.