Monday, July 5, 2010

Scent of the Day : Straight to Heaven by BY Kilian

Today's Scent of the Day is Straight to Heaven. I decided to try out the other By Kilian fragrances since my Back to Black sample is done and I loved it. The note breakdown for this fragrance makes me this yea this might bring me straight to heaven, well the rum soaked By Kilian fragrance did not do it to me. I get tons of cedar in this one , almost makes me think of Gucci Pour Homme I but is it worth the $225 price tag for 50 ml. I think not. Overall nice and yes I would probably purchase it if it was under $100 but at this price tag it does not do my money justice. Final opinion a nice cedar scent that could be for the rich man that loves Gucci Pour Homme I . Pass for me

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