Friday, July 9, 2010

Announcement : Comeback home postponed

Hi guys anyone counting the days that I am home will have to change the date to a few weeks later. I will be extending my stay overseas for 2 more weeks and will not be posting a video in early August as planned. I will be back mid August and I have a few family things to do in the coming weeks after that so perhaps my youtube comeback will have to be in September. I wish I could be back doing vids for you guys and I miss doing them very much but hopefully you understand and I will keep updating my blog for you guys while I am here. PS : I was thinking of going on blogtv while I am overseas on my days off, but I would not be able to broadcast a video but I could chat with you guys live. Let me know what you think in the comments below if you'd want me to do that if so I could broadcast sometime this weekend so we chat.

Thanks ,



  1. o man... well you gotta do what you gotta do.. i'd be glad to be there on blogtv or the chat if my time allows me.. let me know.. hope other's join in too..

    btw i got L'EAU PAR by KENZO.. aquatic /citrusy... but nice for me as i am into aquatics too...
    laters,,tk cr man

  2. Take your time, Marc. Family is more important. You should definitely get on BlogTV sometime. Take care!

  3. the chat sounds great, take care over there.

  4. Hey, you're doing this stuff for free, so we can't complain if you have to postpone. More $ = more fragrances, haha. See ya on youtube soon!