Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Subscriber's Choice Video : My Bloggers get first Pick April

Well it's that time that I release my subscriber's choice fragrances. I chose to cover the Yves Saint Laurent house and put some real heavy hitters against each other. I thought it would make it a little more interesting to choose a fragrance house and put the bottles head to head to see which one will win. Instead of posting a comment below , please vote in the poll above. It will make things much cleaner for me to count the votes. This subscriber's choice video will probably be released at the end of April so you guys get a huge heads up to vote.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Achat : Finalement !!!! Musc Ravageur par Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Sorry about the french title but I am excited. I purchased Musc Ravageur after oh 12 attempts to purchase from the actual site. I really wanted to purchase a few bottles from the site but wanted to do a simple order and see how it goes because this is not only my first purchase from this fragrance house but also is a blind buy. I'm a huge fan of Maurice Roucel's work lately and hoping that I will also enjoy this one. All I can say is I am relieved that I finally got this.

Now that MR is purchased let's see what's next... Amouage your next

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway Bottle is GIT by Creed

Well since I gave it away in my video, I will announce my next giveaway on my blog. The winner will win a 4 oz Brand New in Box bottle of Green Irish Tweed from Creed which retails around $200 a bottle. I am also looking into smaller prizes for write in's since again the big prize will be video only. I have the format I want decided but will be waiting to present that in video form once I am back. I am really excited about this giveaway and hopefully it's a stepping stone for a annual giveaway and contest. The Guru

New Loewe's Fragrance Released

Loewe's Released it's second flanker of Solo called Pop. Interesting notes include pink pepper & bourbon. I believe this will be like the original but as far as the notes goes perhaps a little dryer.

Marc's take : Bottle looks good, I did purchase the original and the intense version and will def try them out before shelling out for another Solo. The notes don't really have anything too original or something I can grasp as being a game changer but def. deserves a try.

Marc's BTP : Try (if i don't like the original then it's a Pass)

New Guerlain Flanker Released

Guerlain has released Guerlain L'eau d'homme, a flanker of the original Guerlain Homme. It has a much fresher and cooler vibe then the original. Created by Thierry Wasser opens with citrusy accords with some interesting notes of rum and lime.

Marc's take : We all know I'm not a big fan of water down flankers. The original homme was fresh enough to make it through the spring and probably the summer, but this one I am guessing with be much much lighter and only be worn on real hot summer days. The only reason I give this a try is because I actually love the original and I am very curious to see what this will give me.
Marc's Buy Try or Pass : Try

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Fragrance Release : Artisan Black by John Varvatos

John Varvatos will launch a Limited Edition Flanker to Artisan called Black in April 2010. It's supposted to be a darker richer and fuller edition of Artisan. All in all I think I will snatch this one up as soon as I see it. I have the whole JV line and this one sounds very good.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Forgotten Jewels in my Wardrobe

In my recent searches in my current samples I found a few jewels that I turned away from. I did get a negative impression with my Paco Rabanne 1 Million samples, but I also found a few positives.

First A*men took a back seat when I first introduced Pure Malt to the youtube community. This winter A*men just did not have a chance with his brand new brother Pure Malt sitting beside him. I reached out for PM more then a dozen times this winter and A*men probably only got 2-3 wearings this winter and his stock was falling fast. Overseas I only have a few samples to work with and I had a few A*men samples kicking around and I need to say no wonder this has been one of my favourites in the past years for winter & fall. I know why I picked you in my top 5 for winter in 2009. I will no longer ignore you A*men.

Roadster by Cartier is very very underrated. Even I would just stare at the bottle when I was home and just bypass it for one of my newer bottles. I have found a new found love for this fragrance and this is how mint is supposed to be done my friends. I highly recommend this fragrance and I found that I am wearing this so much now that I only have one sample left of the 4 that I brought with me. I would have to say this fragrance is going in my top fragrance for spring 2010 video when I get home, I just plain love it and it needs more press.

New Thoughts on Paco Rabanne's 1 Million

I remember when I first saw it... awestruck. Paco Rabanne's 1 Million. I bought this way back when it was not available in Canada, when I thought this could be my crown jewel of my whole collection. How times have changed since I first got this. I was not the first to do a review on 1 millions (Patrick got to it first) but I was early on 1 million before the hype happened. Almost a year has passed since I got a first sniff of 1 million and how things have changed. I usually bring samples with me on my travels, over 40-50 samples or what I am looking to purchase, what I already own or what I used to own. I brought 5-6 samples of 1 Million , once a staple that I could not get enough of. I can't do it anymore, it does not do it for me. It smells like pencil shavings to me now and I lost that love I had for it. Weird thing is maybe my nose is playing tricks on me , but I have never went from love to hate (well maybe not hate) so fast. Maybe I overdosed on this stuff but a regular in my rotation is going to take a step back as the fragrance I once fell in love with is not there anymore. Sorry 1 Million , loved ya and I will put you away for a bit hopefully when fall rolls around I can find the fragrance I once fell for.

Monday, March 15, 2010

1000 !!!

Wow I never thought it would get this big. 1000 subscriber's on youtube. I remember back in August when I first started I was struggling to get to 50 subs. Now the channel is blossoming to be one of the main channels for men's fragrance. I am very very honored with the 1000 and that you come to watch me for your fragrance needs. Things have changed since I jumped on board this youtube thing and I am really proud that we now have over several reviewers on youtube. I want to continue to grow the community and I want to thank every single one of you for the comments you leave, the ratings you give my videos, the time you take to watch them. My door is always open for suggestions on what to buy, on ideas, on questions on basically anything. Thank you and I appreciate everyone that follows not only my videos but this blog also. Thank you Thank you Thank you !

New Fragrance Release : Porsche Design The Essence Summer Ice

Porsche Design has released a summer flanker called The Essence Summer Ice from the original 2008 release The Essence. The scent was made by Anne Flipo which has a huge resume of fragrances. The main notes in this one are lemon, mandarin and juniper berry. To me this sounds like just one more aquatic added to the list, I still am interested in the original tho.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sport this ? Sport that ?

Not too sure what this is ? But as you can see we have flankers galore hitting the shelves in the next coming months. Roadster sport ? okay sounds interesting, you recycled the bottle which isn't too innovative but that's okay to me since the bottle is a work of art. You took out the mint ??? WHAT !!!! Okay next one, Burberry Sport. Burberry and sport should not be in the same phrase nuff said. Gucci Sport, okay nothing sporty about this bottle at all, I love the bottle in the black but this is being just plain cheap by Gucci. Chrome Sport, I'm not even going to go there. All I can say is I am dissapointed in these half assed tries by Cartier, Burberry, Gucci and Azzaro. You can't just use the same bottle, call it sport and just use the same juice perhaps tone it down a little and slap on a $80 pricetag on it. Come on guys !!! Your better then that. That being said I'll probably buy these only for collection purposes but next time please try harder !

* note : I went on a rant in no way shape or form anything I said in this blog is serious.

New Fragrance From Givenchy for the summer

Givenchy is introducing a new summer flanker from the Play collection. We all have heard of Play and Play Intense, here is Play Summer Vibrations. As seen here is the new bottle. It will be only available as a 100 ml version. Top Notes include coriander leaf and citrus zest. The heart gives it some black peppers and foamy sea wave while the base if full of amyris wood just like it's counterparts. I believe the original Play was mild enough to wear during the spring/summer season but apparently I am wrong and Givenchy is releasing this. To be honest I might get it if it has enough of a difference from the original Play but in all honesty all I am seeing is Givenchy trying to cash in on the original Play's and should of left this alone.

Acqua Di Parma brings up the Power to Set Sail to St. Barts

Here's the scoop. I bought Acqua Di Parma's Colonia Assuluta. This is my first and only bottle from this line. I have been searching high and low for this fragrance since it was made by JC Ellena. I decided to not get the original and try this one. It's a blind buy, and funny story is I ordered about 2 weeks ago a sample for this from the perfumed court. Since I had a hard time finding it I decided to get a sample, then BAM ! I found it. How weird things work, oh well I might just giveaway the sample in my next giveaway for you guys. I am expecting great things from this one.
Tommy Bahama's Set Sail St. Barts is my very first fragrance from this house and this is my 2nd time ordering it. Let's hope it comes to me this time. This has in my mind makings of a great summer scent. Just check out the note breakdown and you will know what I am talking about.
Not sure if any of you really remember that I did a video back in December on Buy,Try or Pass on a fragrance I was thinking of getting which was Power by 50 Cent. I got lots of different feedback and decided to pass for the mean time. Now I purchased it since I one of my friends keep telling me this is actually decent and I should at least give it a try, well here it is ! Power is more of a winter scent at least from what I gather from my friend so it will have to wait before getting tested on my skin.

By the way I only did one of those Buy Try Pass video's on youtube on a new fragrance I thought of getting, let me know if you want anymore of those or is it a dead idea. Let me know in the comments. Btw T minus 4 weeks until I am back home.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

11 New bottles Haul... This is how you haul !!!

Let's start off the haul with a Salvador Dali Fragrance. I was trying to figure out which one I would rather have since I had Dalimix, Salvador Dali Pour Homme that my man Matthew reviewed and this one. I decided to go with my gut and got with this one which is called Agua Verde and this is the 2nd fragrance that I decided to get from this house. Obviously I am expecting a green fragrance.
Next is H.M. by Hanae Mori. I need to give props that this is from my fellow reviewers that I found out about this gourmand. I believe Tim was the first to review it and it got my interest so I put it on the buy list, but just recently my man JR reviewed and put me to it. So I will keep this for the winter time and can't wait to see what it does for me.
Alright Cartier. Yes I only own one bottle of your fantastic house of fragrances, I should be ashamed. Well I just got Declaration , obviously a JC Ellena special and yes it is about time !! This one I think is going to be a hit with me, maybe a all season. We will see.
Marc Jacobs for men is next. This is the only one from this house. I discovered about it oh about a year ago, never really felt like trying it. This could very well be the best blind buy from the 11 bottle bunch. I got high hopes for this one.
Escada's Sunset Heat. Escada has this reputation for really fruity/sweet fragrances which I have not found out until lately. We all know how much I love those exciting fruity notes in a fragrance, so I decided on this one and see if it can do as much to me as Magnetism.
Well the Joop line is always a hit in my eyes. They make quality fragrances and I believe Jump should be right up there with the rest of the lineup. This was a blind buy I had no reservations at all.
Salvatorre Ferragamo's F has been one of my recent purchases in 2009. I knew about the Black version but could not find it until now. This was a blind buy that I know nothing about. Hopefully F Black is as good as the original, hopefully a little darker.
Del Mar Caribbean is next on my shopping list. I bought this for one reason and one reason only...the Black Currant. Should give this a oceanic vibe to it, obviously considering the name.
Animale Animale was only $20. Probably one of the cheapest gourmands on the market next to B*men. I hated the bottle so much that it made me not buy this for over a year. I finally looked past the ugly bottle and got it.
John Varvatos Rock Volume 1. Yea I bought it , it did lose the which bottle to buy from a previous blog, but I found it online for only $45 and it was the last one in stock. No brainer.
Last but not least the bottle you all chose for me to buy. A Cheap YSL frag in Live Jazz. This is going to be reviewed in April unlike it's 10 counterparts here that will probably have to wait a few months until being reviewed. Live Jazz just adds to my growing YSL collection.

New Niche Bottle : Another Bond no 9 Fragrance

I decided instead of getting another Creed I went and got another Bond no. 9 fragrance called New Haarlem. So I can build up my Bond fragrance wardrobe a little more. This one again is a blind buy but from what I gather is a winter/fall fragrance. This is a gourmand fragrance and should be one of my better gourmands from the sound of it. I love Bond fragrances for so many reasons, one all the niche snobs or at least most of them hate the bond line since they think it's inferior for the price tag. Which means I'll be even more unique having these in my collection.

As far as the bottle I will purchase and review in April will be Live Jazz, you guys picked it so I will purchase it right away, I also already bought Animale Animale & Rock volume 1 and I will post that once I purchase the rest of the bottles I want including Live Jazz. The only difference is Live Jazz will be reviewed next month and the others probably during the summer or maybe even the Fall. I also noticed I am 10 subscribers away from 1000 on youtube. Wow !!!! I am really impressed how fast my channel has grown in the past 6-8 months. Thanks guys for the support and I will continue to share my passion with you, one video at a time :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pick a Fragrance for me to Purchase !!!

I've decided to do something fun. You guys are always asking me to purchase different fragrances that I don't have to review them. So I decided to talley up the votes of the ones I don't have put them in a list here, and let you choose which will be my next purchase. This is strictly for fun, keep us busy for march. The winning bottle will be purchased by me, and exclusively reviewed in April instead of you guys waiting months for me to prepare a review. So let's get at it and see what the choices are.

John Varvatos Rock Volume 1. This is really requested and I've been wanting to buy this for a long long time.The only problem is it was a limited edition bottle that is not in stores anymore. I can only get it online, so if you want this , it might be harder to find but I'll get it .
Burberry for men. Yes I don't have the original Burberry fragrance. I'm just not into the first fragrances of huge houses like Versace, Armani and Burberry. All of these came out in the 80's and I just feel like they will smell dated not only that but the bottles are so plain.

Animale Animale by Parlux. Well what can I say, this is a cheap fragrance but it's popular, very popular since I do get tons of e-mails to purchase this, so if you want this to be reviewed you know what to do. This is more of a winter scent, but hey it's close to a gourmand so people with a sweet tooth know what to do.

Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent. Well Probably one of the last YSL fragrances left for me to buy, I do get tons of e-mails about this and I know it's a great summer scent just never got to it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Huge Huge Surprise is coming in April

I am really excited to share the news with you guys. I almost want to say which bottle I bought for my next giveaway in April. Me & Tim were chatting it up and he told me he had a giveaway planned for March to give away his bottle of Fahrenheit, I just took a peak at the video and it just clicked in my head what I wanted to giveaway as a bottle to my fellow subscribers. I got on the phone right away and purchased a brand new bottle for you guys. All I can say at the moment since I don't want to give it away is that it's the most popular niche fragrance of all time. It's going to be my top spring fragrance of 2009 in my top spring fragrances video that will also be coming out in April. I gave away my Pure Malt last winter to ToddEB9 , and a few Paco Rabanne's 1 million samples too. This time I decided to go bigger !!! If you don't have a webcam , get one now lol. I will try to purchase perhaps a cheaper bottle for written content if not I will again give out a few samples.

I just wanted to share with you how excited I am about this and I hope that it's going to be a success like last time .

Thanks guys , Marc aka the Fragrance Guru

Bought : Comme des Garcon's Play & L'artisan Parfumeur's Tea for Two

L'artisan Parfumeur's Tea for Two. This is a match made in heaven for me. I was looking for a great tea fragrance ever since I got hooked to tea fragrances a few months ago. I saw this and I thought this would be a great fragrance to start my collection of AP. I thought Gucci Pour Homme II is a masterpiece, well I hear this is black tea at it's finest. We will see , but I am eager to try it.
Next Purchase is Play by Comme des Garcons. Now this is actually the first fragrance I wanted from CDG, but I got 8 88 & CDG Man 2 first and I love those which pushed me to get this one. This one is an orange fragrance with pepper and herbal base. I find the note breakdown of this one interesting and I'm still not sure what this fragrance is going to bring to the table but I want to find out in the worst way.

Side note : both of these were bought at a fabulous site called , check them out.