Thursday, December 16, 2010

Purchase Alert !!! Duty Free in Amsterdam

I got at duty free this time Narciso Rodriguez for Him musc collection, Hermes Concentree D'Orange verte & the new Amouage Memoir Man.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coming Home !!

Time to get back home. See you guys soon.. the 2 day travel to get home starts tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Subscriber's Choice : X-Mas Edition

Since my return is coming soon I am deciding to bring back Subscriber's choice with a bang. I will be doing a special christmas special subscriber's choice video for you all the week of christmas. I decided to pick 3 bottles that have had TONS of mail to review. I believe this is going to be a close race and that I will get a record of votes on these ones. As usual my blogging friends you know theses bottles weeks ahead of my youtube channel viewers and not only that but you get a vote on here and on my youtube page once I release the video. So from the pictures if you did not know what bottles these are I would like to introduce you to them. We have from Le Labo a fragrance called Rose 31. We have a Bond No. 9 fragrance called New Haarlem and a Maurice Roucel beauty called Musc Ravageur. So please vote in the poll and not in the comments below because I will not count those comments as votes on this blog. You can always comment to let everyone know how you voted if you wish or cheer on your fav. bottle. Thanks

Purchase Alert !!! Chanel Sycomore

Another Blind buy today ! Chanel's sycomore bottle is huge 200 ml of juice so I hope I like it lol... it sounds like a bottle that would up my alley. I know the quality will be there at least since I know Chanel makes some great stuff with Mr. Polge. Vetiver based fragrances as usually pretty good and I hear this one is one of the best in the business so it was a no brainer for me. See you guys soon on the tube, I should be back in the next coming weeks.

Purchase Alert !!! Neiman Marcus Purchase Guerlain

This might be the most expensive blind buy I have ever done in my life, with duties, taxes and all that other junk Neiman Marcus charged me this bottle cost me well over $300 and I owe all that to the youtube splitter Will. He split this and saw his video and how he described this scent, I just had to get this. Thanks Will !!!

I really love these Guerlain releases instead of the usual stuff they put out. This and SDV should be a great 1-2 punch for the cooler weather as far as Guerlain goes. This is a gourmand oritental fragrance that was released this year. From what Will said this should be one of the faves instantly. Guerlain describes this scent as a middle ground between gingerbread and chocolate, so I think this should be one of my best blind buys ever.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Purchase Niche Alert !!! Luckyscent Bulk Buy

So let's start off with Artisan scents, I got two. First Dzongkha and we all know how I felt about my sample of this stuff. It was a no brainer. Next it was Havana Vanille which is a blind buy. I really hope it works out, but vanilla based fragrances are no brainers for me. They work on my skin very well.

A got a few Montale's since I reviewed both of mine last time I was home. Black & White Aoud were pretty interesting scents to review and both pretty unique, but I decided to go left field with these Montale's. I got the newest addition called Full Incense since I love incense based fragrances. I also grabbed Chocolate Greedy and see how foody it can be . Both are blind buys but looking at the notes I think I should love them both and hopefully we have two winners here.

A Serge Lutens fragrance called Five o'clock au gingembre. This is a blind buy but the note breakdown got my attention. This looking at the note breakdown is going to be a comforting scent a la tea for two or Gucci pour homme II. Not because it has tea in it, because it does not. It seems like it's going to be one of those that won't be too harsh or too brash just enough to wear on a casual day perhaps in the fall or spring. Most SL scents are pretty harsh and better for winter but I think this is going to be that toned down version for them and I can't wait to sniff it.

Next was a Comme Des Garcons fragrance called Hinoki. I believe it was me and another fragrance reviewer called Miguel was talking about this one. It's a special fragrance and I finally figured it was time to add it. It was between this and Sequoia. This gave me a woody and incense based fragrance. It kinda reminded me of my last CDG purchase called Avignon (great scent! ) . Happy I am getting this.. finally !

Finally bought Lonestar Memories from Andy Tauer. My 2nd bottle from the Tauer line. This is the same company that brought you L'air du desert .... Ahh such a great scent, the leather... the birch and the incense. This gives me a cowboy feeling. This is going to be a great scent in the cool months. I really like how this and L'air is going to go head to head in the winter months.

Scent of the Day : Eau Duelle by Dyptique

Eau Duelle's sample is done today. Will I miss it ? Yes and No. I have many vanilla based fragrances and I love them all, this one really reminded me of my king of vanilla which is SDV by Guerlain that I just purchased. It mixes some spice with the vanilla but overall it's a vanilla based fragrance. It's really nice and well done and probably a cheaper alternative to the Guerlain but this sample was really weak on projection on me. No one could smell this at all, even in the heat where vanilla based fragrances usually cook and project like monsters. So overall what can I say about Eau Duelle ??? It's quality and a good vanilla based fragrance but with so many choices out there I would shop around but keep this one on the list. It's good enough to be compared to the guerlain. For me, it's a pass at the moment but I won't say I won't come back and buy a bottle if I need a good vanilla fix.