Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working on.... Montale White Aoud Review

Doing some finishing touches on my Montale White Aoud fragrance review this week. This one is a unisex fragrance from Montale and I would strongly say as far as my sampling goes this might be directed much more to the females then the men. Would I recommend this to a one of my subscribers, yes I would. If you enjoyed fragrances like Kenzo Power, Le Fleur du Male and your not scared of unisex fragrances and want to try a aoud fragrance I just might recommend this. This one kinda feels milky... hmm maybe fluffy ??? Not sure what I am trying to say but it is very much easier to wear then Black Aoud. Some say they are almost the same, some say they are complete opposites. I would say White is the little sister of the Black. Softer much easier to wear. Can't wait to review this one... stay tuned in September


  1. Looks like you're hittin up the niche a bit more these days, always good to see. Bond's new one, Washington Square, looks pretty interesting. The bottle is nice as well.

  2. I post comments but something they don't publish, fustrating.

  3. Holy crap. I love that you wore this!! I found it too girly for me! And I found Black Aoud way more wearable for me (although, I need like..a q-tip to apply it. it's the world's easiest over-app frag).