Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Purchase : Bond No. 9's Montauk

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol's Montauk

This fragrance has been on top of my list for a long long time. Not sure why but it has been really hard to find for me and I guess the harder you are to find the more I want you. This comes true with this fragrance right here. I really wanted the purple bottle but beggers can't be choosers and had to get the yellow bottle. (that's a true collector talking right now) .

From the note breakdowns on this fragrance from various sites, it looks like I got myself a fragrance good for spring and summer. We will see what I get once I get my nose around it.

2 Hermessence Purchases

Hello Bloggers ! It's been a while since I've written on here and what a better way to write to you guys about my new purchases. I have been looking at the hermessence line for a long time now, trying to figure out which bottle will be my first purchase. Today was that day that I opened my wallet to not only one but two of these fragrances. I purchased Ambre Naguile & Vetiver Tonka today to start my hermessence line. Both blind buys so I can't wait to smell them.

Vetiver Tonka mixes the old with the new. The old being Vetiver which is being compared to the classic Guerlain and the Tonka Bean mix should be a good mix, nothing too crazy but still nice to smell.

Ambre Narguile is a mix of cinnamon and vanilla , well this should be a perfect match in heaven for me. I love amber based fragrances and throwing in a little cinnamon on top does not hurt . Kinda makes me think of the drydown to Musc Ravageur , perhaps this is why this is such a winner. We will see..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eau Sauvage .. what to do with you ?

This is arguably the first major classic fragrance that I will be reviewing on my channel. It's really hard to judge a fragrance that has such a cult following , and it's even harder when your opinion differs to the rest of the world. I know this is a fragrance that has been on the market since the 60's and I had to really open my mind that this is one of the pioneer's in the fragrance game for masculines. Well first and foremost yes this fragrance will be reviewed in May and it took me a while to really understand what this fragrance is about, there is so much history attached to this classic.

My first impressions of this is yes it's a classic and yes it stood the test of time for so long and it has it's fans (basenotes has like 120 likes to 20 negs) and almost religious followers. Do I think this is something I would wear on the regular ?? Not at all actually . Would I recommend this to my subscribers ??? No not really, unless someone is really looking for something like this. Do I think it's well made ? To a certain point yes ! I like it but not enough to wear on a day to day occasion. I think it's something every cologne head needs to smell, the smell of the past.

Overall I love the opening to this , then it just goes downhill from there. This might be the first review I feel that I am taking a classic that lots of the experienced frag heads respect and love and actually give it a fairly bland score. I respect it (kinda like rive gauche pour homme by ysl) but it's not for me.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sneak Peak to my next Creed Review ...

As my loyal followers on my blog, I decided to give you guys a little sneak peak of which Creed I will be reviewing this coming April/May. So you guys will know what is coming up before the rest of the youtube community knows. As you can tell by the bottle, it will be Silver Mountain Water.

I have reviewed Green Irish Tweed, Himalaya & Millesime Imperial from the brand and they have gotten a pretty good overall score from me. We have 2 perfect 10's from the brand which is pretty amazing. Will SMW get a low score like Himalaya or will it join the ranks of MI & GIT on the perfect score list. Tune in around April & May to find out what kind of score this fragrance will get.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom Ford's Private Blend

Hi guys, so today I was thinking of getting another Tom Ford. My Tobacco Vanille looks a little lonely and I feel like the next one that would be right up my alley would be amber absolute. Which is probably going to be my next blind buy from the brand. How about the rest of the line, it's pretty extensive , so if anyone has smelled any of them that are not TV and AA then let me know what you think. I have a small list of 5-6 of them that I think would be great buys for myself but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what would be a good fit for me personally and a good review of the line. Let me know in the comments below.

Also I am again looking around at Bond's and Creeds for this time off, as you guys know I usually buy 2 of each brand and add them to the collection until there is no more to buy. I was thinking this time around from Bond to get Montauk (I've been waiting this one for a while) and Wall Street (great for summer use) . The Creed side of things I believe I still have 2 really popular Creeds to get then I am getting into the lesser known Creeds, but the ones I will be purchasing most likely will be Original Vetiver and Erolfa. Also looking into the hermessence line , most likely going to purchase the 2 most popular (vetiver & ambre) then branch out to the rest of the line.

So that's what I am looking at purchasing in the near future.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doing a little revamped Review on one of my faves

I like to do this from time to time since my reviewing style has changed quite a bit since I first started. I know my first 10 reviews on youtube were pretty much amateur hour. In these reviews sometimes I would be off topic and not review the fragrance until 3-4 minutes into the video. I would sometimes open up a review with new bottles I purchased. I was pretty much camera shy, I was stuttering and sometimes repeated myself not sure where the review was going. Either way I love revamping old videos of some of my best bottles. Boss Bottled I decided this time needs a new review. I believe in that video, I did a adequate job of letting people know that this is by far the best Boss fragrance I own, but I did not describe the smell as well as I wanted to. I am hoping by revamping the review to my new style that more people will know about Boss Bottled. So this is what I am working on at the moment, nothing new just trying to make the best review out of a classic.

In other news, I know I will get this so I will touch on the topic. I am working on the review on Boss Bottled Night but the actual video will not be released until later 2011. Sorry Boss Bottled lovers but your going to have to wait and see what I think of that fragrance.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Working on.... Musc Ravageur (Subscriber's choice winner)

Thank you Mr. Roucel for this amazing fragrance. It seems the new fad on youtube is to go against the grain on popular fragrances. I always love to see reviewers giving out your own perception on a scent, good or bad. It seems that MR has taken this hit on the tube, and I can't wait to throw in my 2 cents for this scent.

Roucel made Musc Ravageur back in 2000 for Frederic Malle. With Mr. Malle he gives you unlimited budget (to a certain degree of course) and unlimited time and gives you a central theme to work with. Roucel is known for gourmands ( Rochas Man, New Haarlem to name a few) and this time was asked to make a Musk. On first sniff of this fragrance I felt a certain strange feeling inside of me thinking well this isn't as musky as I thought it would be. This smells almost like Mr. Roucel's signature gourmand notes. This one is well known to be the "sex in a bottle" theme. When hearing this you think this might be some magic juice. This one personally can't be used in all occasions. It's not something I would wear to work or going to the club. If your looking for a panty dropper, sorry look elsewhere. This one is to seduce the woman your dating or want to date. This is the fragrance I would wear to a candle light dinner.
It has this animalistic feeling to it that can't be put into words. Musk ... hardly.

To My Subscribers ...

First blog post overseas here. My inbox has been flooded by e-mails about A*men Pure Havane. To clear the air, yes I will be purchasing it and reviewing it. This is a blind buy that I can't go without. Will this be the next big hype on youtube ? Most likely... I can just see all the youtube reviewers kicking themselves to be the first one to review this fragrance.

In other news, I did not purchase anything at duty free. The sales lady at duty free was a little too pushy and kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. She tried to tell me that Tom Ford came out with a brand new fragrance that I had to smell.... it was Tom Ford for Men. This kind of sales tactic just makes me not want to buy from you so I did not. Either way there was nothing at duty free that opened my eyes.