Sunday, July 4, 2010

Reviewers Spotlight : Ptitan08

Ptitan08's channel : click me

So I am starting something new on my blog. I am hopefully going to shine a spotlight on some reviewers that should get a some love and hopefully with my blog getting a little more traffic these days some unknown reviewers can get more subscribers & views. This time I am letting you guys know about Ptitan08' channel.

He has over 123 subscribers which is very good, but I think his channel deserves at least double that so I'm hoping we can get the word out.

He does reviews on fragrances and he does swaps too. He's done reviews from Versace's the Dreamer to Issey Miyake's Summer 2010. He's been doing reviews for over 6 months now and is still putting out videos. Check out his channel his vids and subscribe.

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