Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 New Niche bottles Purchased

Hi guys, just another update for you. I felt like getting some more niche fragrances so I went on luckyscent and purchased 5 bottles some blind some I have smelled before , let's check them out :
Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens ($120)
After Chergui it was pretty hard to find my next purchase from Serge Lutens. There is about a dozen scents I want to purchase from this line but this one seemed to be the logic choice for my next purchase. I nice Amber scent with vanilla are usually my cup of tea, but this one is full of spice so I can't wait to give it a sniff.
Cuir Pleine Fleur by Heeley
Again another fragrance house that I am purchasing my 2nd bottle from. Just like Serge Lutens, it was hard to pick the 2nd bottle from the house since I did enjoy Sel Marin from this house and also interested in other scents from this house. This one did catch my nose when I tried the sample I got. This is one if not one of the best leather based scents I have smelled. Heeley is really impressing me and Sel Marin is close to being next to be purchased.
Timbuktu by L'Artisan Parfumeur
This seems to be a trend, again my 2nd bottle from a house after I purchased Tea for Two from L'artisan. Same things goes for this fragrance house I really had so many choices but decided to go with this one because it really seemed interesting. Hopefully this blind buy goes well but with the notes in this I should be pleased.
Rose Poivree by The Different Company
The founder of The Different Company is Jean Claude Ellena and I have been wanting to buy this and Sel de Vetiver for a long long time. This is one of the few fragrances that JC Ellena has done for TDC before leaving to be the in house nose for Hermes. I am truly into Rose scents lately (Rose 31, C&S no88) and wanted to add another and from Ellena this was the choice. This is a blind buy but my record with Ellena has been perfect so this is an easy choice for me.
Philosykos by Dyptique
FIGS !!!! lol Well since I enjoyed Marc Jacobs so much I decided to look further into the fig based fragrances and my search ended here. I have not smelled this before but I can't wait. This is not the first I have heard from Dyptique I was really interested in Tam Dao which I have not purchased yet. This is supposed to be the king of Fig, but I have my eye on Figuer by Heeley and I am guessing that one is up there also.


  1. Philosykos just might be the best fragrance I've ever smelled period! It is that good. If you like Marc Jacobs then you'll like it, I'm sure. Ambre Sultan and Timbuktu are good choices as well. Haven't tried the Heeley and TDC.

  2. As with all niche fragrances go, they are all very different. I just gave Timbuktu a full wearing yesterday; it's very nice, yet different. Philosykos smells so lively to me, like the flesh of a tree. I've yet to try the other fragrances, but it looks like to got some of the more acclaimed fragrances. Luca rates TImbuktu a masterpiece. Looking forward to the reviews in August. Keep up the great work!

  3. Looks like you've got some good things waiting for us when you get back home. I think this is one of your best hauls yet.

  4. wow..nice haul... great for you.. hope Timbuktu does well for you.. plus i hope Ellena's Rose also turn's out nice..waiting for the reviews..cheers!!!!