Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working on this Review

It's that time again to start new journeys and old journeys alike overseas. I do the bulk of my testing here, I call this the lab. I bring decants of my current fragrances that I am testing for a future review, I decant old favourites and bring new samples to test out some new things that I might purchase in the future. Overseas is the lab of testing out everything out there. Today I am working on an old favourite from the house of Creed called Virgin Island Water. 

I've had my bottle of VIW for over a few years now. I remember fondly when I first sniffed this fragrance, my eyes grew wide and I don't think I ever smelled something so perfect for summer before. I was excited. This fragrance now since I've been testing this one for well over 2 years now, and probably has had the longest testing phase out of any Creed I've reviewed previously (it's actually one of my most used niche bottles at the moment). This one is coming to an end, I am almost done testing this one out , come April my journey with VIW will be over and the review will be ready for the small screen waiting in line with other fragrances to be fully reviewed on youtube and to be judged. I'll tell you this VIW has made quite an impact on me in the past few years, actually a few great memories came with this one. I remember I brought a decant on this to Aruba with me, and what a perfect juice for this type of trip, now every time I smell this fragrance it brings me back to that place, the sand, the wind, the sea. The coconut filled alcoholic drinks. It takes me on a journey, and isn't that what scent should do to you ? It's a great feeling and I can't wait to share this journey with you. This is by no means a perfect juice, I don't think that really exists but this is why I test, some fragrance just never get me in the mood or get me excited to wear it... this one does and does it well.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SOTD : Andy Tauer's Incense Rose

A jammy Rose (yes rose can smell like jam) with a tons of incense; backed with spices and resins. Overall pretty good, oh don't be scared of the just for women tag, it's unisex, more manly then you think. I like this one quite a bit. Not my favourite from the Tauer brand. Smelling my hand does make me think this is a great creation for the right person, it's so complex and well done but sadly for me did not knock my shoes off and could be a possible buy in the future but at the moment it's a pass for me and it will make my future buy list. 

My Final rating : ✭✭✭

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Duty Free in London

Duty Free in London (Heathrow) was sub par. Nothing exciting just the same old stuff that we all see basically everywhere. Usually when this happens I purchase fragrances that are new to the market which I did yesterday. I picked up Dolce & Gabbana's The One Sport and V&R's Spicebomb. Needless to say with first sniff I am happy with both purchases. D&G will be good for the warm weather that is approaching and Spicebomb will be perfect for the cooler weather we are having at the moment. My initial impressions are the Spicebomb is a good designer scent which I think is worth a purchase and The One Sport is just another typical freshie which is lost in the sea of the same genre all over the world. If I had to pick one Spicebomb would be the winner. I can't wait to wear these for the next coming months overseas and see what they give me.

Friday, February 24, 2012

What to wear ???

Pic of the top shelf of my fragrance curio #1

My SOTD Today

Agonist's Infidels is my Scent of the Day Today. The weather is warming up here in Canada and it's time to try out one of my newest acquisitions from my January haul. I felt this one would be a great Spring and Fall fragrance and it's not disappointing me yet.  Lots of people online say you pay the big bucks for this for the bottle only with average juice. I disagree and I think yes part of the purchase is the bottle and presentation and being one of very few to own the juice. I believe this fragrance is unique enough to stand on it's own and could very well be one of my favourites for spring.