Friday, July 23, 2010

Designer Shopping Spree Haul : 15 New Bottles

Hi guys it's been a long long while since I actually did a designer fragrance haul, I guess I got caught up in the whole Niche of things and since I didn't own any niche it was fun exploring and finding new jems, but it does get expensive. So I decided my list of designer fragrances I want to purchase was getting bigger and bigger that I would purchase a good dozen fragrances in one haul. So let's see what I got.

Burberry Sport by Burberry
Purchased this since I was planning to buy it on the bottle alone at duty free. Seen it a few times over there and decided to buy it now so I can get something else at duty free. I am not expecting the next Burberry London or Brit in this one. Just something a little better then a Chrome I guess would be just fine.
Christian Audigier by Christian Audigier
This purchased was based on a basenotes thread earlier this week. It looks like they are pulling this fragrance off the shelves because of the whole Ed Hardy vs Christian fiasco.. either way I wanted to get it before it's not available online anymore. On a side note the bottle looks cheap and tacky..
Cuba Gold,Cuba Orange, Cuba Blue, Cuba Red by Cuba
If I can count how many times I get a e-mail about Cuba Gold and how similiar it is to Le Male I would run out of numbers.. I decided to get this cheap 4 pack for 12 bucks. I have smelled these before and to be honest with you even tho they do knock off some good fragrances these things are cheap for a reason... they don't last.
Eau de Lalique by Lalique
Well since I love encre noire I decided to try another Lalique fragrance this time the unisex called Eau. I hear great things and I have to thank my fellow reviewer Bizzy for putting me on to this one, hopefully I get the same reaction as everyone else that has tried this.
Black Jeans by Versace
I can't believe I bought another Jeans fragrance. Remember when I swored off these things, well times have changed Blue Jeans was a pleasant surprise, and I am closing my eyes on this one and hoping for the best lol. The bottles aren't the nicest but this one is discontinued and I got it for 20 bucks so it's worth the blind buy.
Eau de The Vert by Blvgari
A tea based fragrance by Blvgari, green tea to boot !!! Who made this stuff ? Oh it's JC Ellena , great bought it right on the spot. I am looking into the other tea based frags from Blvgari and this one should not dissapoint.
L'anarchiste by Caron
One of the most requested viewer mail I get. I had my eye on it for a while but finally I got it. So everyone that requested that I get this or review it well now you know the review is coming. I don't know much about the Caron house to be honest, I know basenotes raves about this brand but in my eyes that means nothing, but we will see what the fuss is about.
Kenzo Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo
Probably the last really good Kenzo fragrance I needed to purchase was this one. I heard some good and some bad, I like the Kenzo house and I'm sure this one will be above average.
L'eau Bleue by Issey Miyake
I have been seeing this bottle in duty free for about a year. Always looked at it but never bought it. So I thought this is time to get another Issey fragrance. I actually never smelt it but I would assume it will be pretty good.. hell it's a Issey fragrance.
Aqva Marine by Bvlgari
Talking about most requested bottles to purchased by the viewers on youtube. This one is right up there. I still think Aqva is the better fragrance but we will see once I smell this one. Love the bottle just like the original so I bought it so I can put them side by side.
CK Free by Calvin Klein
I was due for another CK fragrance. This one I heard is below average juice, but I had to get another CK fragrance since I still have over a dozen still left to purchase from this house so I did eeny miny mo and picked this one.
Eau Concentree d'orange Verte by Hermes
Oh another Mr. Ellena fragrance. Hell ya !!! I was trying to choose between this one and the original. I heard this one lasts longer so that made my mind up right away. Can't wait to smell this one.


  1. You've got a few duds in there, like Black Jeans, but Eau de Lalique and L'Anarchiste are two I haven't heard of and need to try. I think you'll be surprised with Audigier. Don't let the brand and bottle influence your critique though, haha.

  2. great haul..waiting for your opinion ..esp on black jeans.and bvlgari frag..

  3. I have most of these, you've got some solid ones in this haul for sure. Black Jeans, Eau de Lalique, Kenzo Jungle (fantastic), Eau Consentree d'Orange Verte, Eau de The Vert, L'Anarchiste -- all excellent picks. Haven't tried CK Free or Burberry Sport. The Cubas are good for the price. I'm thinking about blind-buying the Christian Audigier because of its supposed discontinuation, so I'm hoping you do a review on that one sooner or later. The only one here I wasn't a fan of was the Issey L'eau Bleu but I only tried it once at a Duty Free, so I might need to test it again. It's a very deep, herbal fragrance as I remember it.