Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working on.... Escada Magnetism & Lalique Encre Noire

Hi fellow scent heads, I'm back with another update... what review's am I working on at the moment to do some final touches. Working on two fragrances at the moment. Both fairly dark fragrances . Escada's Magnetism & Lalique's Encre Noire. I think both of these are due for a review and I have had tons of requests for both. Since summer is at it's half way point now, I believe these reviews will be ready once I am back in September perfect timing for these two since the cooler months will be ahead. I really enjoy both of these and I'm sure you have seen Encre Noire in my Top 25 winter fragrances & Magnetism in the Top 25 winter & top 10 Spring fragrances. So both will be in high regard but will either hit the exclusive 10 out of 10 rating or will they lose a few points and be in the heavy popular 8-9 range. We will find out in September.


  1. Magnetism is simply one of the best values when it comes to fragrances. I think over time it will hold it's own among the classics.

  2. Encre is such a great vetiver scent. Thanks Marc!

  3. ENCRE NOIR is out of my league cuz i am not able to locate it here but i should snatch MAGNETISM before it becomes extinct.. nice choices!!!! waiting for both reviews..!!!!