Monday, November 23, 2009

Purchase : Green Irish Tweed by Creed

That's right folks, one more Creed. My 2nd this month. My brother which isn't huge on fragrances, asked me what brand he should look at for a staple in his small collection. (he has 3-4 bottles tops) . I told him Creed since he a office type and is fairly high up . So he came back with that he sampled them all and GIT was his favorite. He didn't purchase it since he really did not want to buy a bottle at the price it comes with. Anyhow today I started my shopping for X-mas and obviously the best choice would be GIT , he will love it ! On my purchase spree, more & more I was looking at the bottle of GIT on my computer screen . I decided to splurge on myself since I didn't have GIT. So now I do :)

Purchased : White & Black Aoud By Montale

I decided to pull the trigger on getting the two Montale Fragrance's this morning. Set me back a few hundred but let's hope the payback is worth it. I believe these where the two that I think at least would make sense to me to trying, hopefully I am right. Welcome to my wardrobe Montale .

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Montale White & Black Aoud

Here we are at the end of November. As you can see with the title and the picture that I am looking into purchasing both white & black aoud from Montale. Now these are going to be blind buys, and this might bite me back but I believe I've done enough research on these that I know they will be a staple in my lineup. This is one of many bottles that I will be jumping on to get into the niche market. So I am wetting my nose a little bit here and there with Creed, Bond, Montale . Amouage is next but it cannot be a blind buy since those bottles are 300 and up. I love shaking things up a little bit. Hopefully my youtube viewers will enjoy the new reviews of bottles that aren't as mainstream as what I am used to.

I will keep you guys updated. I also had a good friend of mine tell me that Abercrombie's higher market clothing line has officially closed called Ruehl and they had a fragrance line. I am looking to purchase those since they obviously are discontinued and maybe there is a jem in there.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

* Purchase Alert * 7 new bottles are in !

Hey everyone, guess what I finally got my bottle of Brooklyn. Paid $200 American taxes in, not bad for a 100 ml bottle . I also did a bulk purchase and decided to share with everyone what I bought. I you see with the pics is I bought different bottles from cheap to fairly expensive. I bought some from familiar houses and others from not so known houses. Let' start with Brooklyn : I have tested this fragrance already , loved it and I believe it's going to be a staple in my rotation. The price I paid for it I sure hope so :) haha

Next is Jardin sur le Nil , the unisex fragrance by Hermes. Hey I loved Terre
D"hermes and JC Hellena is one if not m
y favorite perfumier. I was reading Chandler Burr's new book and it's all about how Ellena did this fragrance for Hermes. I have not sampled it yet , but it's worth the blind buy I know I will love it. Ellena is a genius.

Body Kouros : It's YSL , probably my fav. house. Yes I am late on the whole Kouros hype, so let's give Body Kouros a try.

Curve Kicks : not expecting much from this one,
just another Curve fragrance to add to the rest of them .

Gap The Artist : My first Gap fragrance,
only $20 . It's a blind buy, I will give them a chance perhaps they will surprise me.

JPG's Gaultier2 : another unisex fragrance.
Le male is perhaps one of my
favs and I love everything gaultier launches from his line. He really knows how to choose what the perfumier's give him, so let's give this one a try.

Sonia Rykiel's Homme : how can't you love this bottle. cheap at $25 I could not pass this up, hey if the juice is half as good as the bottle we have a winner.

Keep in dialed in guys, I'll be back with another one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Fragrance : Power by 50 Cent

I know what most of you are already saying just by the title of this one. Trust Me I was thinking the same. I need to have a open mind with this one, just like Rocawear and/or Usher. This fragrance starts with lemon leaves, black pepper, the heart has some dark wood, coriander and nutmeg and the base full of patchouli, musk and oak moss. Power will be available in 50 and 100 ml EDT. The nose behind this one is Harry Fremont. This fragrance does not sound like the run of the mill aquatic, but alas I believe the aquatic genre is starting to fade in the recent year. I'll give this one a try and hey if I don't like it I'm sure I can find a teenager to pawn it off to .

Friday, November 13, 2009

Amouage , Montale , Bond , Creed

Well since we last spoken I was getting into the niche market. I am truly excited about this new challenge. My pocket book not so much :) I always had an eye out for the Creeds, Montale's , the Bond's and of course the Amouage's of the world. I just could not justify spending an upwords of $500 on a single bottle. How things have changed, perhaps my sense of smell.

Either way it seems like I was always foreign to these bottles since I could buy 3-4 designer bottles for one bottle of Bond. It made no sense to me. Since I am over the 100 bottle mark owned I am starting to find out that I am running out of bottles to purchase in the designer market. The only way to look is into niche, which will take more time and patience, since of course one bad purchase can really hurt unlike designer. So yes I am excited about this new found love hopefully my love for fragrance will grown with these new bottles. I certainly know if i get burned with a few bad niche bottles I'll probably stay away, so I am carefully making my first few choices. I'll keep you guys updated with my recent purchases since I'm still looking at Bond's Brooklyn and now looking into Montale's White Aoud and Amouage Lyric for Men. Happy Sniffin'

Monday, November 9, 2009

Scent of the Week : He Wood Rocky Moutain by Dsquared2

Hey guys I'm back and doing a new feature on my blog. It's going to be scent of the week. I was going to do a scent of the Day post but I think that would be too cluttering. Anyway since I'm away from all my bottles , there isn't much choice over here. I did find a bottle that I have not seen in stores around my way and I bought it. Which is the one I'm choosing as my scent of the week. I did bring tons of little samples with my on this trip so I will be able to switch it up , but hopefully things don't get too boring that I have to spray myself with the same stuff for the next month of so.

So this is my scent of the week. Dsquared2's secend attempt at a male fragrance. The original He Wood gets a remix here with Rocky Mountain. I got to admit I'm happy that I bought this fragrance. Imagine another blind buy went well. I don't think I'm too hard to please tho. The bottle is beautiful, love the wood and the engraving on the side. The notes are amber, incense and musk with a hint of violet and Canadian lily and white pepper. The scent finishes off with cedar and vetiver.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Next Niche Purchase: Bond no. 9 's Brooklyn

Hey guys , I am back again with another update. This time on a purchasing update. So you have all known that I have been looking at Bond's lineup and Brooklyn is my first choice. Not only is the bottle sexy as hell, and the packaging it's in is well made, but I recently sampled the juice inside and I instantly fell in love. The price tag isn't cheap around $220 American. So I am looking to find some sort of deal somewhere, I did have a retailer friend of mine that can get my a 3.3 oz bottle for around 180 taxes in and I'm waiting on getting my hands on it.

In other news I am looking again at another niche scent from Creed, thinking of getting at least 2 bottles from Creed before I am back in Canada in December. Not too sure which scent I will go with but I will update once I get more of a taste of things.

I am also doing some research for my next reviews , so things will go smoothly once I get home. I usually do a little research on the bottles I review , of course mix a little bit of info I get from the net and my own opinion. I have at least 5-6 done , so when I go home things like price range , year that the bottle was released etc... is already done. I also owe my youtube viewers a subscriber's choice video from October. So that will be my very first review once I'm home.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Fragrance Guru is venturing out into niche fragrances

Well some would say it's about time. After about a year of pondering price, brand and scent I have finally taken the plunge. I bought my very first bottle of Creed, I chose Himalaya as my first scent of the brand, trust me it won't be my last bottle from Creed, I am just getting started. It's been long overdue, niche is an expensive way to go but I believe I need to smell the best that the world has to offer.

If you don't know what niche is , the best way to describe it is in my words it's like Hip-Hop. We have the maintream artists like Jay-Z , DMX etc they are the brand names and they buy the audiance with advertising getting the best fragrance heads to make the juice but it seems so unpersonel. Niche is like the underground hip-hop, where not many people listen to them and true hip-hop heads think is the best of the best. So niche is like the more expensive but less known , and all the scent snobs think it's the best.

Either way niche fragrance usually use better products in there scents , hence the larger price tags. I can't wait to get my new bottle of Creed , and I am still looking to buy my very first bottle of Bond no.9 fragrance.

Cartier is launching a remix of the famed Roadster : Roadster Sport

Cartier has decided to release a new fragrance called Roadster sport. Now anyone that knows me I am a big fan of Roadster I think it was very well made. I did do a youtube review on the original. I am confused on why cartier is doing this launch, I was thinking perhaps they were going to go another direction I was not expecting a Sport remix. Anyway It seems this fragrance is not going to have that beautiful mint accord that I loved so much in the original. All in all it's intresting , and I am a sucker for remix bottles, you will soon see this purchased , perhaps it will be under my christmas tree this holiday season .

The Blog... next the website

Hey everyone.. I have some news. Actually lots of news, first this is my blog. Yes I am starting a blog... all about fragrance. My new videos on youtube, fragrance news. Basically a fragrance talk blog. This is the first step of many... can anyone say website ? Yes I am in talks to start my very own site. Also I have other news.. I have been contacted by a few websites about being a reviewer for them.... actually had one offer that I almost did accept. They offered me a monthly pay to do exclusive video, radio and blogged reviews. The only setback was I had to delete my youtube account and all my videos. I declined since I love my youtube channel and I really can't do this for a living as they were asking me (full time) since I do have another job that pays much better that they were offering.

Well Anyway anyone who is wondering when I will be back to do some reviews on youtube, hold on I believe I will be back for X-Mas. Yes it feels like forever that I have not done a review , but I have been purchasing tons of bottles and I will be ready to hit at least 50 reviews on youtube really soon. Well I'm off guys and I will be updating this blog until the site is up and running. Thanks for all the support and remember a good fragrance will get you tons of attention but a bad one will do the same :)