Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Purchase of the Month : The Three Kings for Winter/Fall 2010

I call this purchase from Luckyscent the 3 Kings for fall/winter 2010 which is fitting since these guys will get most of my attention during those months. I have exhausted my 76 samples from luckyscent these past two months and I decided that my trigger finger needed to be cocked for this (also my credit card) , but these are the 3 that made the most affect on me which to be brutally honest I did not want to fork over this kind of money for 3 bottles but I am planning to use these for years to come and they should fit right in as some my top bottles for the cooler months. So let's see what I purchased :

Amouage Jubilation XXV ($250) :

I was not overly impressed by the Amouage line since I got samples for the whole line and felt the price tag was not worth any of my attention until I got to this sucker. Jubilation XXV feels like I am a sultan prince when I wear this stuff. Is it worth the 250 .. hell no even I can admit to it, but I wanted to spoil myself. This is more of a purchase for myself as a gift. I can say with confidence that this and Back to Black where the best out of all my samples which were all niche fragrances that offer, sadly there were the most expensive. This is going to make my youtube channel really diverse which is what I really wanted it to be, I want to cover everything from a $5 bottle of Cuba Gold to a Amouage bottle. On a side note I will be reviewing samples that did not make the cut, since I do not find it feasible to buy a $200 bottle just to do a bad review. So yes there will be more bad reviews on expensive fragrances then good ones.

Back to Black by BY KILIAN ($225) :

By Kilian just like Amouage I purchased all the samples of the line. Thinking I could be trouble if I like these lines, but just like Amouage I felt like this line was hyped up and did not think much of it. It took me almost my whole sample of Back to Black until I found that this one was actually worth it (to some degree) . Not only is the presentation breathtaking with these bottles (check out the case they come in ) but the juice in this one did the trick for me. Now remember this is a EDP and weird thing is this was the only By Kilian fragrance that I tried that stayed on my skin for longer then 10 hours. Feels like Chergui in a way (teresa you should check this out) .. if you check out the note breakdown on this you will see what I am talking about , it smells very rich and well blended and I can't wait to wear this back home once it gets cooler.
Andy Tauer's L'air du desert Marocain (picture is of orange star from the same brand) ($110) :

This one was way due for a purchase !!!! I was thinking of purchasing this in January 2010 but I heard grumblings of new bottles being made for the whole Tauer line so I waited patiently. Finally the time has come and this purchase again was made for fall/winter in mind. This one can handle itself against both big boys that I just wrote about. Price tag does not matter in this case, the cheaper Tauer fragrance can do the job just as well as the other two maybe even better. This also gives me this rich Sultan type of feel that Jubilation XXV does.

I do apologize as far as purchasing goes it was pretty quiet on my front since I was waiting for the move from house to house to be complete. Did not want to bother Stephanie with my orders while she was doing a move or ship it to the old house and no ones there to receive it. Hope everyone in the youtube community is having a great day, I miss you all and I will be back soon.




  1. We miss ya Marc!

  2. Oh my god! Best. Haul. Ever. I have an intimate love for every one of those fragrances. I own 2 (TWO!!) decants of Jubilation. L'Air is a new addition to my collection (it's like the things I love about Chergui...and Le Male...with a middle eastern twist!). And didn't I recommend Back to Black to you like....months ago? Maybe that was Brandon. Don't worry. You're still my favorite. :)

  3. PS.You should smell Patchouli 24 by Le Labo. Immediately.

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  5. lucky u...can u do a mini unboxing video or sm thing atleast... missing ur presence in the frag community..hope u get back soon.. btw i got prada amber pour signature for nowadays..and ppl are lovin it..n so m i..thnks a lot..