Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Subscriber's Spotlight : Pigasus27

If you have not heard of Will on youtube you must not be a die hard fragrance head. He does have a youtube page and has been one of the best subscribers a host on youtube can have. He is one of the favourites for every reviewer. He always has pleasant things to say and is very active in the fragrance scene. You can find him on basenotes or in the chat rooms on blogtv or commenting on your favourite reviewers recent videos. He will support a struggling youtube just trying to get into the game with supportive comments and will also comment on some of the veteran reviewers pages.

Will has supported me since day one, he has been one of my favourite subscribers. He has started doing splits on youtube to help out the community on his channel. He has had tremendous feedback for his splits and has 100% of my backing and I will endorse anything he does with his youtube page just like he has supported me the past year.

Here is the link to his youtube page : http://www.youtube.com/user/pigasus27

Check out his page perhaps you will find a split that your interested in.

I know Will has been asked countless times to do reviews, and I for one would like to join the club.

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