Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working on.....L'homme by Yves Saint-Laurent (updated)

A Small update here guys. So I have been going through my old videos and decided to start re-reviewing some of my earliest videos on some favourites. They are missing crucial information since they were made when I just started they are missing things such as application, buy try or pass and the new rating system. So you will see new reviews on these fragrances. Starting with L'homme by YSL. I will keep the old videos on my youtube page since I don't believe in deleting my videos at all. The way these reviews will be made will be a little different, I will add a feature at the end judging the rating I gave it in the old video and give you guys a new rating and tell you why it went lower or higher or stayed the same since tastes do change and I know my first few videos I was doing all my favourites and gave some pretty high scores. Hopefully you will enjoy these updated videos which I will only do once and a while because I know you guys want some fresh reviews. So I am working on L'homme now , I rated it #2 behind Le Male when I reviewed it back in August 2009, I can say that is no longer true. Thanks for watching guys and I cannot wait to redo a review on a YSL fragrance that deserves a full review.


  1. I say do all new ones since you've got so many, but it's your world.

  2. hmmm..L'homme..well thts one of my personal fav' i dont own it.. but soon.. well but it'll be good to see you do an oldie b/w all ur new ones..