Monday, February 7, 2011

To My Subscribers ...

First blog post overseas here. My inbox has been flooded by e-mails about A*men Pure Havane. To clear the air, yes I will be purchasing it and reviewing it. This is a blind buy that I can't go without. Will this be the next big hype on youtube ? Most likely... I can just see all the youtube reviewers kicking themselves to be the first one to review this fragrance.

In other news, I did not purchase anything at duty free. The sales lady at duty free was a little too pushy and kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. She tried to tell me that Tom Ford came out with a brand new fragrance that I had to smell.... it was Tom Ford for Men. This kind of sales tactic just makes me not want to buy from you so I did not. Either way there was nothing at duty free that opened my eyes.


  1. I hope to see a comparing with it to Creed`s Tabaróme Millésime .

  2. I hope you let us know your thoughts as soon as you get it. Everybody's psyched for this one for some reason.

  3. Just another fine Thierry Mugler :)

    Oh.. pushy sales people, I remmeber last time panic on basenotes, because some sales assistant told a guy that Reflection Man gonna be discontinued.
    But that's not always their fault but the companies that will give u shit money if you won't sell enough or not make people apply for store cards. World is just sick (:

  4. This is another overhyped fragrance. Nothing great, nothing unique.