Monday, February 7, 2011

Working on.... Musc Ravageur (Subscriber's choice winner)

Thank you Mr. Roucel for this amazing fragrance. It seems the new fad on youtube is to go against the grain on popular fragrances. I always love to see reviewers giving out your own perception on a scent, good or bad. It seems that MR has taken this hit on the tube, and I can't wait to throw in my 2 cents for this scent.

Roucel made Musc Ravageur back in 2000 for Frederic Malle. With Mr. Malle he gives you unlimited budget (to a certain degree of course) and unlimited time and gives you a central theme to work with. Roucel is known for gourmands ( Rochas Man, New Haarlem to name a few) and this time was asked to make a Musk. On first sniff of this fragrance I felt a certain strange feeling inside of me thinking well this isn't as musky as I thought it would be. This smells almost like Mr. Roucel's signature gourmand notes. This one is well known to be the "sex in a bottle" theme. When hearing this you think this might be some magic juice. This one personally can't be used in all occasions. It's not something I would wear to work or going to the club. If your looking for a panty dropper, sorry look elsewhere. This one is to seduce the woman your dating or want to date. This is the fragrance I would wear to a candle light dinner.
It has this animalistic feeling to it that can't be put into words. Musk ... hardly.


  1. Then why most youtubers say its a sex in a bottle ? The dry down is great but I cant stand the opening that stays like 2 hour which I cant handle it .

    oh and welcome back :)

  2. I'm looking forward to your review and sampling this one soon!

    And Edward - Katie Puckrik said that the spray oil version of this basically skips out on those top notes. Just something to think about in case you still think the drydown is worth it. AND if you don't mind oils!

  3. Oh that`s good to hear Matt .. Thanks for the advice definitely going to ask about the oil version its exactly what I need .

  4. @Matt If you don't mind can you please tell me where I can the oil version Musc Ravageur?

  5. Hi Marc, first thing i want to say thank's for the reviews and the blog that i've found recently, they help me alot to find new fragrances... i'm a fan so good job!! Secondly i want to know were did you buy your bottle of musk ravageur cause the only way i've found to buy it it's online at the and because i'm near montréal it's cost me 26euro just for the shipping for 3 samples! I love that kind of fragrance, can i blind buy these perfume??

  6. I decided to bring to work (a luxury retail boutique) with me 3 fragrances my boyfriend owns.....Musc Rav, Ambre (hermessence) and Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford Private Blend).
    We asked 65 women that came into our Los Angeles store, which fragrance smelled the best to them? We had fragrance tissue (which work better than cards or paper) for them to smell and we also gave them another set of fragrance tissues with dry downs.
    So for all the men out there. Here are the results:

    Ambre by Hermessence - 33
    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford - 23
    Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle - 9

    My choice was Tobacco Vanille :)