Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tom Ford's Private Blend

Hi guys, so today I was thinking of getting another Tom Ford. My Tobacco Vanille looks a little lonely and I feel like the next one that would be right up my alley would be amber absolute. Which is probably going to be my next blind buy from the brand. How about the rest of the line, it's pretty extensive , so if anyone has smelled any of them that are not TV and AA then let me know what you think. I have a small list of 5-6 of them that I think would be great buys for myself but I'd love to hear your thoughts on what would be a good fit for me personally and a good review of the line. Let me know in the comments below.

Also I am again looking around at Bond's and Creeds for this time off, as you guys know I usually buy 2 of each brand and add them to the collection until there is no more to buy. I was thinking this time around from Bond to get Montauk (I've been waiting this one for a while) and Wall Street (great for summer use) . The Creed side of things I believe I still have 2 really popular Creeds to get then I am getting into the lesser known Creeds, but the ones I will be purchasing most likely will be Original Vetiver and Erolfa. Also looking into the hermessence line , most likely going to purchase the 2 most popular (vetiver & ambre) then branch out to the rest of the line.

So that's what I am looking at purchasing in the near future.


  1. I think Tuscan Leather is pretty interesting. I know Dan didn't get much of a leather note out of it, but I'm smelling it on my skin right now and all I get is a dry, woody, smoky leather. It's a really elegant take on leather, but not something you could wear every day. Still, worth a look!

  2. The new layout looks a lot better. I think Bond's Washington Square seems interesting and Hermes's Ambre is one the best scents I've ever smelled. I say go for those.

  3. Yeah, Tuscan Leather would be interesting for you, Marc. I have a bottle and i like it very much. Also, Neroli Portofino and Italian Cypress.

  4. Marc ..

    you got to try Acier Aluminium from Creed .. I really think you should get this instead of Original vetiver because there is a lot of reviews in youtube about OV but there is only 1 review about Acier Aluminium .. this stuff has to be your next buy because I think you bought Bois du Portugal which means we may see you review it as I am dying for it and also I love to see ur review about Erofla and Aventus .. oh what the hell why not also Original vetiver :)

    As for Bond no 9 .. There is a new frag that coming this February and I think they will launch it in the valentine`s day its called NewYork Oud .. I am definitely going to see their version of Oud !

  5. I'd go with Noir de Noir, dark Rose, Oud,and saffron scent..its amazing.

    Also the Amber Absolute is pretty good too.

    I blind bought both of these, and thankfully was not disappointed.

  6. TV is nice but not very versatile, although it is great to use once in awhile especially during the cooler, colder times.
    If you are a fan of AMBER, AA is an extremely well done amber fragrance, just magnificent.
    The only other fragrance from Tom Ford Private Blend i have enjoyed is Champaca Absolute, although it saids its unisex, i find it works best with a woman, this fragrance is, to quote quite of few women, "Absolutely divine."
    Noir de noir is another wonderful fragrance, just superb!
    The rest of the Private Blend, its ok. But i was MOST impressed with Amber Absolute, Champaca Absolute and Noir de Noir.

  7. I LOVE Amber Absolute. Just adore it. I have most of the private blends. But, my fav is, OUD wood and tuscan leather. Ohhh and I Love, Bois Moracain, it's my favorite after Tuscan Leather. I blind bought, Arabian wood and didn't really care for it..... : /