Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Purchase : Bond No. 9's Montauk

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol's Montauk

This fragrance has been on top of my list for a long long time. Not sure why but it has been really hard to find for me and I guess the harder you are to find the more I want you. This comes true with this fragrance right here. I really wanted the purple bottle but beggers can't be choosers and had to get the yellow bottle. (that's a true collector talking right now) .

From the note breakdowns on this fragrance from various sites, it looks like I got myself a fragrance good for spring and summer. We will see what I get once I get my nose around it.


  1. Hey Marc
    Little off topic but it does have to do with Bond No 9. If you had to choose between Brooklyn and Riverside Drive, what would you go with? I've seen your review of Brooklyn but never heard your opinion on Riverside Drive. I can get either at good price. Your expertise is needed!

  2. Jeff...I believe Marc had Riverside Drive in one of his top 10. Maybe summer or spring niche. Check his youtube channel

    Marc, I have a question of my own. I remember in one of your review videos, you mentioned a connect on eBay for fragrances; and if anyone wanted to check her out just ask you. Can you please e-mail me at jwbcuston@gmail.com with her eBay username? Please and thanks.

    I noticed you have a poll for Pure Havane on the site..is it available already?

    I also want to say I enjoy watching your reviews and have helped me better my nose. Thanks man.

    -John in Calgary

  3. oops my email is jwbcustom@gmail.com


  4. Hi Jeff, I would pick personally Brooklyn if you seen my review you know how I think it's underrated & very versatile. I can't say the same about Riverside Drive but I would say 80% of the population disagrees with me.

    John, my connect on ebay is named millcreekrescue909 on ebay, she is a excellent dealer IMO

  5. Will you be posting your impressions as a comment to this or a new post?


  6. Marc, thanks for that. Appreciate it....Hey I am wondering if you will be doing some Amouage reviews in the future? I know you have Memoir and Jub XXV....they were in your top winter scents 2010. Must be taking time to really soak them up I suppose....I know you like to spend up to a year with a fragrance before doing a review. Let us know! Thanks again...