Thursday, December 16, 2010

Purchase Alert !!! Duty Free in Amsterdam

I got at duty free this time Narciso Rodriguez for Him musc collection, Hermes Concentree D'Orange verte & the new Amouage Memoir Man.


  1. I really like your video's you seem very knowledgeable about fragrances. I recently got Dolce Gabbanna FOR HIM as a gift it has absolutely no lasting scent I was wondering, I am looking for an all purpose fragrance and came across a CK variety pack is it worth picking up

    5 Piece With Intense Euphoria, Obsession, Eternity & CK One and Euphoria .

  2. Memoir Man is a total delight with it's ever evolving character. It's a very comprehensive fragrance.

    Daryl J.

  3. Hi Marc, i'm a big fan of your work from Argentina, could you do a review of Paco's Ultraviolet man? I cant find a review of that fragrance anywhere. Thanks, keep the good work!

  4. Got Memoir Man the other day and its BEAUTIFUL. I don't know which Amouage fragrances I prefer over the other, but so far Memoir, Epic and Reflection Man have been steller. They differ, but they are all very full scents. This may sound odd, but I'm in a more determined and inspired mood when I wear them. I'd like to see more reviews on the Amouage line.

  5. I've been hearing a lot about Memoir man recently . Really am looking forwards to you reviewing it.