Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sneak Peak to my next Creed Review ...

As my loyal followers on my blog, I decided to give you guys a little sneak peak of which Creed I will be reviewing this coming April/May. So you guys will know what is coming up before the rest of the youtube community knows. As you can tell by the bottle, it will be Silver Mountain Water.

I have reviewed Green Irish Tweed, Himalaya & Millesime Imperial from the brand and they have gotten a pretty good overall score from me. We have 2 perfect 10's from the brand which is pretty amazing. Will SMW get a low score like Himalaya or will it join the ranks of MI & GIT on the perfect score list. Tune in around April & May to find out what kind of score this fragrance will get.


  1. I hate it .. and ofcourse it wont get perfect 10 like the 2 kings .

  2. Hehe, maybe I am not big fan blogs, but I am here once a while, good to read something from you Marc.
    Seen some reviews on SMW and some are amazed some say they'e overpaid. So it'll be good to see your take on it.
    I haven't got anything from Creed yet, amouage reflection bottle already messed up my student budget :D
    btw I like new page layout.

    I hope you're all good,

  3. I really love SMW, however, that is if you get a good batch. I've easily gotten the best compliments from it, but my last two bottles weren't up to par (returned both of them). Hopefully I'll get lucky with my next try, whenever that will be.