Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scent of the Day : Lyric for Men by Amouage

Well here's another test of Lyric for Men by Amouage. I am really really trying to like this but this stuff again is stepping into the feminine a little too much for me. I smell like a damn girl with this stuff on. Okay I will give it this, it's quality and it lasts and lasts and I am one that can put on a unisex fragrance with confidence. This one just can't do it for me. Sorry but I will pass on this one, perhaps a good buy for the wife. I'll stick with my C&S No. 88 for my rose based fragrance .


  1. Does that mean I get a new bottle to add to my collection?!? lol

  2. I hope to buy a small bottle for my dear wife.