Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scent of the Day : Kyoto by Comme Des Garcons

Kyoto by Comme des Garcons

What I wanted to get from this incense series I got from Avignon while Kyoto fell short. I was really excited to smell this fragrance ever since I knew about the incense series, this one was the most celebrated and talked about. Perhaps the hype killed it for me, but my sample is now done and I came out pretty upset at it with my last wearing. The perfumer for this one is Bertrand Duchaufour which to me is a genius and I love all his scents and I truly recommend anything he has done. Incense based fragrances should be dry, Kyoto has it. Incense fragrances should be darker, Kyoto got that. How about strength , Kyoto lost it. This is too transparent for me to really think this is going to shine in the fall & winter's of the Canadian weather. I need some Oooph... where is it? Bertrand is known for amazing and tuned up incense fragrances, this is not like him to do this like this, it's almost like CDG asked JC Ellena to do a incense frag, and he did his magic and made a transparent incense fragrance.

So many times I wanted to love this. I gave it so many chances now I hate to say this but this one is a pass. Avignon on the other hand..... simply amazing

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