Monday, November 1, 2010

Scent of the Day : Fat Electrician by Etat Libre D'Orange

Today was a vetiver day. Beautiful day here in my ultra secret location overseas. It was a little cool but I thought it was perfect to wear in my opinion the best from this fragrance house which is called Fat Electrician.... yes that is not a typo ! Anyway back to business, this one is different from other vetivers I have tried. This seems like they meshed one of my new favourite notes (vetiver) and one of my old faves (vanilla). The vetiver does take center stage here and it seems like it's joined with incense at the start (might be wrong and too lazy to look at the note breakdown) then comes in the vanilla but no too sweet (not like a le male type of vanilla) very much toned down but nicely balanced. Really enjoyed this and I believe it's time for me to get a bottle.


  1. What would you say your favorite vetiver is? I currently only own Original Vetiver by Creed. I've been told its much lighter then most and would like to experience some more popular ones.


  2. Scent of the mont: A*men? WTF? Have you got bored of pure malt? Myself I cant stop using it when I got in September, using it everyday!!
    But A*men - noooo

    Btw you could advice me because I am gonna be buying some bottles soon I have to choose like two, and in my mind are Givenchy XR, The Dreamer, Rochas and the YLS La Nuit, and probably I am also gonna grab Kylie Inverse I heard it's one of best celeb frags.
    What do you recon?

    Did you hear about Zippo launging their fragrance? I'm so gonna be getting this!!

  3. sorry for spelling mistakes

    Here is Zippo website, but I am sure you've seen it already

  4. waw thats a new fragrance to me ..

    I have tried the ones that you suggested before ( grey vetiver - geurlain`s vetiver .. etc )

    honestly speaking the only one worked for me was creeds original vetiver but sadly it has poor longevity . if this smells like creed I am definitely going to try it .

    dame I wanna know ur secret location ! lol