Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Story of Going Crazy with my A*men Sample

I usually don't share my crazy stories with you guys when I sample fragrances for reviews but I need to share this one just because I have some spare time. So I had a leftover sample of A*men yesterday from a previous review that I brought overseas with me. So I decided in the morning to spray the rest of the sample on me so I can throw the sample out. There was 4-5 sprays worth, which I felt was not too overboard since I was going to be outside most of the time and it's freezing over here ( i'm talking about winter coat..gloves the whole works) so I was like oh this should be fine.

So the morning went on and I did notice the fragrance but nothing too overpowering and I was happy to announce that I did not stink up a whole room. The day went on without a hitch, at the end of the day around 6 pm I decided to shower up and apply some Dior Homme Intense (a very very strong fragrance 2 sprays) for the night. Smelled great but I never really noticed anything different.

The next morning I woke up (my room is freezing since I love sleeping in the cold) got in the shower did my morning thing, I usually turn the heat on in my room after I wake up. Anyway long story short when I was in the middle of my routine in the morning , my room was getting pretty warm I caught a sniff of something... what was that ???? WTF it's the patchouli from A*men glowing on my skin , just the patch just glowing off my skin after 23-24 hours 2 showers and wearing another very strong fragrance.

This is why A*men is still one of my favorite fragrances of all time. That is what I call a fragrance with balls ladies and gentlemen.


  1. Yeah I totally agree with you it is that dame powerful .. on the other hand its just the scent that didn't work with me .

  2. I just read where you can spray cologne on your ankles and it supposedly lasts even longer since it travels up your body.

  3. Wow, it's amazing that it lasted two showers and another cologne. I've had it last all day/night/next morning. However never put it through that big a test. A*Men is truly one of my favorites!

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  4. I agree. I love A*men and Pure malt also. Ive never tried pure coffee.