Monday, November 9, 2009

Scent of the Week : He Wood Rocky Moutain by Dsquared2

Hey guys I'm back and doing a new feature on my blog. It's going to be scent of the week. I was going to do a scent of the Day post but I think that would be too cluttering. Anyway since I'm away from all my bottles , there isn't much choice over here. I did find a bottle that I have not seen in stores around my way and I bought it. Which is the one I'm choosing as my scent of the week. I did bring tons of little samples with my on this trip so I will be able to switch it up , but hopefully things don't get too boring that I have to spray myself with the same stuff for the next month of so.

So this is my scent of the week. Dsquared2's secend attempt at a male fragrance. The original He Wood gets a remix here with Rocky Mountain. I got to admit I'm happy that I bought this fragrance. Imagine another blind buy went well. I don't think I'm too hard to please tho. The bottle is beautiful, love the wood and the engraving on the side. The notes are amber, incense and musk with a hint of violet and Canadian lily and white pepper. The scent finishes off with cedar and vetiver.

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