Friday, November 13, 2009

Amouage , Montale , Bond , Creed

Well since we last spoken I was getting into the niche market. I am truly excited about this new challenge. My pocket book not so much :) I always had an eye out for the Creeds, Montale's , the Bond's and of course the Amouage's of the world. I just could not justify spending an upwords of $500 on a single bottle. How things have changed, perhaps my sense of smell.

Either way it seems like I was always foreign to these bottles since I could buy 3-4 designer bottles for one bottle of Bond. It made no sense to me. Since I am over the 100 bottle mark owned I am starting to find out that I am running out of bottles to purchase in the designer market. The only way to look is into niche, which will take more time and patience, since of course one bad purchase can really hurt unlike designer. So yes I am excited about this new found love hopefully my love for fragrance will grown with these new bottles. I certainly know if i get burned with a few bad niche bottles I'll probably stay away, so I am carefully making my first few choices. I'll keep you guys updated with my recent purchases since I'm still looking at Bond's Brooklyn and now looking into Montale's White Aoud and Amouage Lyric for Men. Happy Sniffin'

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  1. All very good choices I did not fancy Bond nº9 very much and I found Montales (Aoud series) excessive and repetitive.