Thursday, November 19, 2009

* Purchase Alert * 7 new bottles are in !

Hey everyone, guess what I finally got my bottle of Brooklyn. Paid $200 American taxes in, not bad for a 100 ml bottle . I also did a bulk purchase and decided to share with everyone what I bought. I you see with the pics is I bought different bottles from cheap to fairly expensive. I bought some from familiar houses and others from not so known houses. Let' start with Brooklyn : I have tested this fragrance already , loved it and I believe it's going to be a staple in my rotation. The price I paid for it I sure hope so :) haha

Next is Jardin sur le Nil , the unisex fragrance by Hermes. Hey I loved Terre
D"hermes and JC Hellena is one if not m
y favorite perfumier. I was reading Chandler Burr's new book and it's all about how Ellena did this fragrance for Hermes. I have not sampled it yet , but it's worth the blind buy I know I will love it. Ellena is a genius.

Body Kouros : It's YSL , probably my fav. house. Yes I am late on the whole Kouros hype, so let's give Body Kouros a try.

Curve Kicks : not expecting much from this one,
just another Curve fragrance to add to the rest of them .

Gap The Artist : My first Gap fragrance,
only $20 . It's a blind buy, I will give them a chance perhaps they will surprise me.

JPG's Gaultier2 : another unisex fragrance.
Le male is perhaps one of my
favs and I love everything gaultier launches from his line. He really knows how to choose what the perfumier's give him, so let's give this one a try.

Sonia Rykiel's Homme : how can't you love this bottle. cheap at $25 I could not pass this up, hey if the juice is half as good as the bottle we have a winner.

Keep in dialed in guys, I'll be back with another one.


  1. I LOVE Bond no. 9 Silver City. It has two of my favorite notes: incense and cedar. It's a kind of weird blend--which I like!

    The incense deninitely isn't for everyone, though. Also, I tried Prada Amber Pour Homme (at your recommendation) and it's my current favorite.

    Keep it up with the blog, I hope you get a lot of followers!

  2. Nice! I just got a sample of Brooklyn. I also got Little Italy, Eau de New York, and Riverside Drive. Why isn't anyone reviewing Bond No. 9 on YouTube? I also purchased a bon-bon of Wall Street. I'm interested in getting Gramercy Park, Central Park, and Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume. Since Signature has oud extract and a 30% concentration (this makes it pure perfume), it costs $330. Very rare.