Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Next Niche Purchase: Bond no. 9 's Brooklyn

Hey guys , I am back again with another update. This time on a purchasing update. So you have all known that I have been looking at Bond's lineup and Brooklyn is my first choice. Not only is the bottle sexy as hell, and the packaging it's in is well made, but I recently sampled the juice inside and I instantly fell in love. The price tag isn't cheap around $220 American. So I am looking to find some sort of deal somewhere, I did have a retailer friend of mine that can get my a 3.3 oz bottle for around 180 taxes in and I'm waiting on getting my hands on it.

In other news I am looking again at another niche scent from Creed, thinking of getting at least 2 bottles from Creed before I am back in Canada in December. Not too sure which scent I will go with but I will update once I get more of a taste of things.

I am also doing some research for my next reviews , so things will go smoothly once I get home. I usually do a little research on the bottles I review , of course mix a little bit of info I get from the net and my own opinion. I have at least 5-6 done , so when I go home things like price range , year that the bottle was released etc... is already done. I also owe my youtube viewers a subscriber's choice video from October. So that will be my very first review once I'm home.

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