Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Youtube : No More

I want to address my fellow subscribers. Since I am away I cannot make a video which I wish I could to let you know how it is.. I decided I should not keep quiet about my decision. I have e-mailed most youtube reviewers that I deemed I had to address out of respect since they have been working with me and I feel it was needed to let them know beforehand. They respected my wishes to keep it quiet and I truly truly appreciate how cincere they were with me.

I am announcing today to my most loyal subscribers that I am at this point retiring from doing youtube reviews on cologne. As you know I am on hiatus at this point overseas but my return home in april will not mean a return to reviewing. I am grateful to my followers.. all 800 and so of you that have been deticated to my channel, you have been great and always supported me even with some choppy camera work and terrible audio. I wish all the best to the rest of the reviewers and I have e-mailed them accordingly letting them know to continue on. The reason behind me leaving this behind is not because I don't love it, I love collecting and no I will not stop collecting fragrances, the passion is in me and I am purchasing bottles as I am typing this (new bottle of bond no.9) . I was really enjoying the feedback early on when I was doing videos. It was great that I was helping people and they truly loved what I did and I had a goal to review as many bottles as I can. At this point it has turned sour for me, the last few weeks before I left for overseas I felt like I owed my subscribers all these reviews before I left, I was trying to churn one out and another. I believe it finally hit me with the last susbscriber's choice when I did terre d'hermes and I was getting hate mail for reviewing that instead of Dreamer. I actually got more hate mail about that video then any positive mail. Hence me feeling bad and doing the review on dreamer anyway a week later.

It has become a job not a hobby anymore. Some may understand , some might not. I am not making any money with youtube, I am a partner but 99% of my video cannot have advertising since I use copyright material ( songs at the start of every video) and I feel the music at the start is a part of my reviews and I can't remove that of the sake to make a buck. I have been approach by websites but I never wanted to advertise a certain site to help me make money. I have spent my own money on my first giveaway and I didn't mind that. I truly enjoyed everything that giveaway ment , I felt like it made a difference. I have noticed my buying was less about me and more about what bottles my subscribers wanted (ed hardy bottle purchase etc ). Not that I hate that, I love hearing what you guys wanted and I found some real jewels with some purchases, but it's time to step back and take a breath of fresh air. I am at the moment keeping the blog and the youtube channel and no my old videos will not be taken down, I will still be lurking youtube and perhaps in the near future you might see a new video from me.. who knows

If you want to talk to me personally you can always pm me on youtube, I am always open to chatting with any of you. I hope everyone is well and I hope you all understand ..

Thanks ,



  1. No Marc, why are you retiring? I couldn't make up why from the text.

    The good die young I guess, in this case, the good retire young.

  2. He's quitting because of losers that took his stuff too serious/personal so they had to send nasty letters. So, that ruined it for all of us but I can't blame him.

  3. What's the pity that I couldn't find the new videos on Youtube from you, Marc ! But I respect your decision. You inspired me much, I will still visit your blog here to find what's new from you! Cheers!

  4. don't let the haters run u off YouTube. Just review the stuff you like. You enjoy it too much to give up cause some losers who can't get laid sent you hate mail.

  5. Yo Marc, what's up! It's Jose aka Aidenryu. I just read your blog. I'm sorry to hear that you’re retiring. I understand though, you gotta do what you gotta do. It's unfortunate that some people actually have the audacity to harass you over something so innocent and meant to be fun. Why people like that exist in the world, I have no clue but I hope they all burn in hell. I will say one thing, some parents didn't whoop some asses when those bastards were small ya feel me? Either way, you'll always be the best reviewer there ever was/is/and ever will be on youtube. You're like the Bret Hart of youtube lol! Either way bro, I hope it all works out for you and I believe I speak on behalf of all your subscribers when I say Thank you. Thank you for bringing us into a world of fragrances we didn't know existed. Thank you for helping us clueless folk know what it is we're looking for, and that includes what we're not looking for i.e. FCUK (YUCK!!!). Thank you for commenting back and answering our messages with so much information, knowledge, and care no matter how hilarious or absurd they may have been. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us and taking the time out of your life to help us. But most of all Marc, Thank you for all the great memories. God Bless! :)

  6. Sorry to hear bud,

    Can't believe why anyone would write hate mail for the free service that you do for the fragrance community, but I guess it'll happen statistically with the quantity of people that you reach. Totally respect your decision, and I'm sure you'll agree that we have some great reviewers to hold down the fort. I hope to start my own niche reviews/channel once I get a good digital video camera.

  7. I'm 23, student, and collecting fragrances is my hobby, I'm studying in Europe and away from my family. let me tell you, when I found your channel and Tim's, I was very happy & excited that I've found someone like myself with a passion for this stuff, something that even today some men would laugh if you tell them you are into it so seriously... watching your & Tim's reviews became like a hobby of mine... like a part of my week, it was like having a break when I needed it, some relaxing time after hours of studying and -I'm not kidding- once I was studying 4 o'clock in the morning, 4 hours before my exam and I was under alot of stress, I came and saw you posted a video, watched it, cleared my head, sprayed that perfume on and went to my exam! (and passed! :P)... I learn alot from you and Tim and all other reviewers on youtube, Please don't get offended, if some crazy person sent hate mail is because they don't know better, don't even waste time reading them, click delete, move on and keep up the good work and know that most your subscribers and many of the thousand viewers watching the videos, appreciate what you do, and we do appreciate it very much. cheers.


  9. Marc you are the best reviewer on youtube! Please don't leave. I really enjoy your videos. Appreciate your hard work. Thank you.

  10. Marc, you are appreciated on youtube. You were the first reviewer on youtube to introduce me to the world of fragrances. I never thought before to purchase a quality fragrance (maybe it's because I'm in high school and apparently Axe is the shit around here) until I saw your videos. I blindly purchased a huge bottle of Issey Miyake Pour Homme and I was not disappointed thanks to you (I spent a month's worth of pay on it). Keep doing what you do man, take your well deserved break, but please don't stop forever.