Thursday, February 25, 2010

L'artisan Parfumeur : Time to buckle up another niche company that will get mo $ from me

Niche Niche Niche .. did I say it enough . .. Well L'artisan Parfumeur does some pretty good stuff. I knew about the company but never really felt like buying a bottle until NOW ! Me being bored I found a JC Ellena fragrance from AP. Not only that but I found a tea fragrance that might just be what I have been looking for since forever... So yes I will be purchasing from this company , and they aren't too expensive either so yes keep checking out the blog I am going on luckyscent to purchasing a few bottles in the next month or so.


  1. Speaking of Ellena, I am pretty curious about The Different Company's "Bois d'Iris". I've been on a bit of an iris kick and found myself digging through my samples of Infusion d'Homme and Dior Homme. I would have kept my bottle of The Dreamer if it weren't for the tobacco kicking my ass.

  2. Because the price of niche fragrances are more expensive than the usual department store fragrances, I always try the samples first to avoid blind buys.

  3. Tea for Two is awesome.