Friday, February 12, 2010

Purchase Alert : 2 New Bottles.. let's get some Chanel

I decided to purchase a few Chanel's on my travels. The duty free shop is the perfect way to make sure I get a real Chanel Allure bottle. So I decided since I never had the urge to purchase the ever so popular fragrance, today I felt was a good time to add it to my collection. Allure Homme is not a great fragrance, well I can't say it's not great but it sets the bar as far as fragrances go. I guess it's what a fragrance should be without really standing out in a crowd. I love it either way.
Next on the list is Platinum Egoiste. Another Chanel hard hitter. When I spray this I think Fierce from A&F. Pepper is there in bunches but done well I must say. I did run into PL. Egoiste a few times in search of fragrances and did test it out a few times but it never gave me that omg I need to have this. It's done well just like Allure Homme and I would say a must have if your a collector like myself.

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