Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Haul : 8 New bottles, summer time !

Hi guys, so it's been a while since my last big haul. I kinda missed doing them so here it is. I decided to get some spring/summer fragrances this time since I have much much more fall/winter fragrances in my stable. Anyway I wanted to look at some that where intresting to me and these have been on my checklist for a bit. Most of them are from my favorite houses. I usually don't want to spend much of summer frags because to me it's like burning my money. I just don't see the reason to purchase scented water that won't last on my skin. Most of them are laid back flankers from the original which means water down fragrances. Anyway enough about my gripe about summer frags, I decided I had to take a look at some more and here they are :

First let's start off with the Issey Miyake house. I was looking at Issey Bleue then Issey Intense... then I found Bleue Eau Fraiche. That sounds pretty summery to me ! I did'nt even know they made this until a few days ago. Consider it purchased.

Clinique Happy for men. Well well well I finally found a bottle of this stuff. I have been looking high and low for this one. My very first bottle from this house, probably the last unless this blows me right out of the water. I hear it's a good summer scent so why not.

Rochas Aquaman. That's right !!! Awesome name and this oozes as a summer scent already. I love the Rochas house ever since I was into cologne, but never bought any other Rochas then Rochas Man. Maybe because they are so hard to find these days, this one took me almost 6 months to find.

Hermes... oh JC Ellena how can I just buy every single bottle you make. I got Jardin sur le Nil a few months back, well this is Jardin apres la mousson. I can't say enough about Nil so this one should be equally as impressive. Thinking this might be more of a spring scent then summer but we will see.
Paco Rabanne how I never noticed this house until One Million came on the market is beyond me. Here we are with Ultrared, I have Ultraviolet and decided to purchase his partner in crime.
L'eau de Paco. Paco Rabanne again but this time I decided to go with his summer scent. We will see what this brings to the table, I have not be dissapointed by this house yet but this might be the first.

Kenzo's L'eau de Kenzo. Another summer scent here. I love the Kenzo brand and decided well if I'm going to go with weak summer scent might as well target my favorite houses.
Kenzo again but this time it's Kenzo air. Yea the bottle is cool looking and I am hoping for some serious juice inside and not just some air. I feel that this fragrance will be as light as it's name states.

BTW these are all blind buys , let me know what you think, anything else I should try for the summer time ?


  1. Great haul! Loving that Rochas---got to get that myself! Excellent stuff!

  2. Nice nice! I myself got me 2 blind buys one being eternity summer, and the other Issey Miyake pour homme. Hope you enjoy your blind buys! Let us know how they turn out!

  3. hi MARC
    where is SOLO by LOEWE

  4. paco ultra violet!

  5. Great buys- I'm interested to hear what you think of Aquaman. Have you explored the John Varvatos line? I recently sampled Artisan, which has a great wave of orange blossom, and I got decent longevity on it (a little over 8 hours).

  6. i already hace ultraviolet, and also the whole JV line (excluding rock volume 1)

  7. I also have L'eau par Kenzo. It's a nice fragrance. I really love it :)