Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 new Bottles : My first taste of Loewe and Czech n Speake

Well I had my eye on czech and speake's No. 88 for well over a year now. I just could not purchase it with it's high niche price tag. It first hit the market in 1981, and this is another unisex fragrance. This is a masculine floral and the thing that hit me right away when I was thinking of purchasing this is the description of a wet crushed dark red rose would smell like. I was sold, it took me a while to find a price i wanted to pay for a 100 ml bottle but i found a good price and I believe this might , just might be my best blind buy yet or it could just be a disaster. We will see once I get home .

Loewe's newest cologne is from there best selling to date which is called Solo. Not only did I decide to purchase the original but also this flanker called Intense which came out in 2008 . The comments on this one is a fresh floral fragrance, can't wait to experience it.

Next up is the original Solo. I had a subscriber which would not make me forget to get this one, well I got it !!!! Now leave me alone !!!! lol Just joking. This stuff is pretty pricey itself. Which usually when a subscriber asks for me to look into a fragrance I was not thinking this was going to be that much. Actually I only got a good deal because I bought this one and the flanker . This one looks interesting to say the least, I see fresh and warm notes in this one so this might be a good candidate for a all-season fragrance. We will see what the final verdict is once I actually smell this thing.


  1. If you try C&S 88, you might want to try Rose d'Homme of Les Parfumes de Rosine, if you try Rose d'Homme, then you want to try Voleur de Rose
    of L'Artisan, and on and on.... Hi Mark, how much
    money you can spend on fragrance?

  2. i can spend enough on them, i might slow down soon i got a wedding in aruba to pay for lol

  3. :))))))
    good comment
    thanks MARC
    but after 1 week or so you will thank me for being so annoiyng ;)
    i have only original version and i will be glad to know is intense version better or not then original which is one of the best for me and i hope after your review people will discover a GEM.
    and wish you all the best in your life with your wife your second half
    and if you will be in GEORGIA just let know,i'll show how we meet our guests;)
    its not only words


  4. i'm waiting for the final veredict of the original solo, i love the comercial LOL so damn weird, i tried this one once, but didnt impress me much, i'll try it again any way to see if it worth the purchase or not, but any way, wainting for your comments marc ¡¡¡

  5. Hey Marc,

    You should like Czech and Speake #88, although there is some controversy about them reformulating it like 4-5 years ago, with some people liking the original, older version more (I haven't tried the original formulation, but like my bottle plenty). It's definitely a rose scent; kind of a soapy rose, almost. Very gentlemanly. Let us all know what you think of it. Oh, by the way, have you tried/sampled L'air du Desert Marocain yet? One of my fav's, that's for sure.

  6. FORZA
    when i was beginner i i liked CK HUGO and othr things
    but when i start using HQ fragrances it changed everything
    i cannot use now middle class fragrances
    try and you will understand ;)

  7. I guess that guy asking you to buy Solo Loewe and the commercial with the man who looks like the dude from System of the Down finally convinced you to get it. Hahaha.

    - Imprezzy

  8. IMPREZZY do you have "vaseline" in your pocket :)))
    and you are joking like "frigid woman"!
    you must show this comment to your friends if you have of course :)
    i am sure it will be "hahaha"


    wanna answer? :)

    everyone watch IMPREZZY s videos !!!
    and this man can laugh on others?????

  10. I don't even know what the two comments above even mean..... o_O