Thursday, February 18, 2010

My 2 New Purchases : One Creed and One Bond No 9

My purchasing lately has not had the pizzazz of a 10 bottle haul , I don't even remember I last did that (probably January lol) . As I stated earlier I am in the market to grow my Creed collection and also my Bond no 9 collection (my brooklyn bottle looks so lonely) ... today I decided to pull the trigger on an expensive 2 bottle purchase. I blind bought these... yes you heard me I have huge cojones. I am in the market for summer scents and I decided to into these fragrance houses to appease my need. First let's start with my 2nd bottle from the Bond house :

I decided on Fire Island as my 2nd bond fragrance. This from what I can detect may be one of my fav. summer fragrances. Yes i have not smelt it, but the reviews make it like it should be a great one. Imagine being at a beach house beside the ocean... this is what this should smell like. I really want to love this fragrance house and I have chosen carefully the bottles I purchase from them, I really think I might of done well with this one.

My next Creed was a no brainer. I have purchased most of the popular Creeds and this one was next in line. Hey it's a summer frag to boot. This will challenge my Silver Mountain Water and Virgin Island Water for the king of the Creed summer frags this summer. It's going to be interesting to see which one comes out on top. Millesime Imperial has the reputation to could be one of my top 5 summer fragrances this year.

As far as my subscriber's go on youtube that do check on my blog.. I want to thank each and one of you for the support since day 1, and still you all want to hear more and continue on this journey together. I will continue to update my blog here overseas with my purchases and such, as far as youtube goes I stand by my decision but I will fully take my time and decide for myself if it is for me to return to the tube once I am home in April..


  1. Dear Marc,

    Please, please, please, do return to youtube in march - you're the king, the one and only!!!

    Best regards

  2. (Robes08), often imitated but never duplicated!

  3. I've tested most of the CREED line and Millesime Imperial is my favorite. As far as CREED's summer scents, Millesime Imperial beats out Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, and Virgin Island Water. Erolfa almost tied with Millesime Imperial, but they're too similar. The only other summer CREED I'd buy would be Original Vetiver.