Friday, December 3, 2010

Scent of the Day : Eau Duelle by Dyptique

Eau Duelle's sample is done today. Will I miss it ? Yes and No. I have many vanilla based fragrances and I love them all, this one really reminded me of my king of vanilla which is SDV by Guerlain that I just purchased. It mixes some spice with the vanilla but overall it's a vanilla based fragrance. It's really nice and well done and probably a cheaper alternative to the Guerlain but this sample was really weak on projection on me. No one could smell this at all, even in the heat where vanilla based fragrances usually cook and project like monsters. So overall what can I say about Eau Duelle ??? It's quality and a good vanilla based fragrance but with so many choices out there I would shop around but keep this one on the list. It's good enough to be compared to the guerlain. For me, it's a pass at the moment but I won't say I won't come back and buy a bottle if I need a good vanilla fix.

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