Friday, December 3, 2010

Purchase Niche Alert !!! Luckyscent Bulk Buy

So let's start off with Artisan scents, I got two. First Dzongkha and we all know how I felt about my sample of this stuff. It was a no brainer. Next it was Havana Vanille which is a blind buy. I really hope it works out, but vanilla based fragrances are no brainers for me. They work on my skin very well.

A got a few Montale's since I reviewed both of mine last time I was home. Black & White Aoud were pretty interesting scents to review and both pretty unique, but I decided to go left field with these Montale's. I got the newest addition called Full Incense since I love incense based fragrances. I also grabbed Chocolate Greedy and see how foody it can be . Both are blind buys but looking at the notes I think I should love them both and hopefully we have two winners here.

A Serge Lutens fragrance called Five o'clock au gingembre. This is a blind buy but the note breakdown got my attention. This looking at the note breakdown is going to be a comforting scent a la tea for two or Gucci pour homme II. Not because it has tea in it, because it does not. It seems like it's going to be one of those that won't be too harsh or too brash just enough to wear on a casual day perhaps in the fall or spring. Most SL scents are pretty harsh and better for winter but I think this is going to be that toned down version for them and I can't wait to sniff it.

Next was a Comme Des Garcons fragrance called Hinoki. I believe it was me and another fragrance reviewer called Miguel was talking about this one. It's a special fragrance and I finally figured it was time to add it. It was between this and Sequoia. This gave me a woody and incense based fragrance. It kinda reminded me of my last CDG purchase called Avignon (great scent! ) . Happy I am getting this.. finally !

Finally bought Lonestar Memories from Andy Tauer. My 2nd bottle from the Tauer line. This is the same company that brought you L'air du desert .... Ahh such a great scent, the leather... the birch and the incense. This gives me a cowboy feeling. This is going to be a great scent in the cool months. I really like how this and L'air is going to go head to head in the winter months.


  1. I'd like to try all of these. You should your scent of the month.

  2. It seems weird with all these scents you try, that you're really into vanilla. Vanilla seems to be a common, maybe even bland, scent. It's not really an ingredient that's hard to find in a fragrance, like say basil, tangerine, licorice, or whatever. But I guess if that's what you like, that's what you like.

  3. At the guy above me, it's a matter of vanilla being done right. It's like pizza. Sure you can get it anywhere, but it's not going to taste the same.

  4. well vanilla sometimes has a small role in a fragrance or a large role, but it's never the total package, it all depends what surrounds the vanilla that makes it special

  5. Luckyscent is awesome; they've improved my fragrance collection tremendously!

    Daryl J.

  6. My wife loves Hinoki. I wore it a sample the other day and it really grew on me. It's such an original scent. I'm purchasing a bottle of this this weekend.

    Peace and Love,
    Miami Beach