Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Forgotten Jewels in my Wardrobe

In my recent searches in my current samples I found a few jewels that I turned away from. I did get a negative impression with my Paco Rabanne 1 Million samples, but I also found a few positives.

First A*men took a back seat when I first introduced Pure Malt to the youtube community. This winter A*men just did not have a chance with his brand new brother Pure Malt sitting beside him. I reached out for PM more then a dozen times this winter and A*men probably only got 2-3 wearings this winter and his stock was falling fast. Overseas I only have a few samples to work with and I had a few A*men samples kicking around and I need to say no wonder this has been one of my favourites in the past years for winter & fall. I know why I picked you in my top 5 for winter in 2009. I will no longer ignore you A*men.

Roadster by Cartier is very very underrated. Even I would just stare at the bottle when I was home and just bypass it for one of my newer bottles. I have found a new found love for this fragrance and this is how mint is supposed to be done my friends. I highly recommend this fragrance and I found that I am wearing this so much now that I only have one sample left of the 4 that I brought with me. I would have to say this fragrance is going in my top fragrance for spring 2010 video when I get home, I just plain love it and it needs more press.


  1. I can't say so much about my experience with A*Men, but I understand it's merits with it's fans. Just not into the burnt chocolate chip cookie smell. As for Roadster, this stuff can stick really well for a minty fragrance. A while back, I contemplated getting Hugo XY, but this easily replaces that. When I've worn other mint-based fresh fragrances like Live Jazz or Mat;Male, or maybe even M7 Fresh, that mint note usually takes a backseat to a grapefruit or some other citrus. With Roadster, the mint is the star of the note pyramid.

  2. Roadster is king. I get a ton of compliments when I wear it. I will use this heavily this Spring.