Saturday, March 13, 2010

11 New bottles Haul... This is how you haul !!!

Let's start off the haul with a Salvador Dali Fragrance. I was trying to figure out which one I would rather have since I had Dalimix, Salvador Dali Pour Homme that my man Matthew reviewed and this one. I decided to go with my gut and got with this one which is called Agua Verde and this is the 2nd fragrance that I decided to get from this house. Obviously I am expecting a green fragrance.
Next is H.M. by Hanae Mori. I need to give props that this is from my fellow reviewers that I found out about this gourmand. I believe Tim was the first to review it and it got my interest so I put it on the buy list, but just recently my man JR reviewed and put me to it. So I will keep this for the winter time and can't wait to see what it does for me.
Alright Cartier. Yes I only own one bottle of your fantastic house of fragrances, I should be ashamed. Well I just got Declaration , obviously a JC Ellena special and yes it is about time !! This one I think is going to be a hit with me, maybe a all season. We will see.
Marc Jacobs for men is next. This is the only one from this house. I discovered about it oh about a year ago, never really felt like trying it. This could very well be the best blind buy from the 11 bottle bunch. I got high hopes for this one.
Escada's Sunset Heat. Escada has this reputation for really fruity/sweet fragrances which I have not found out until lately. We all know how much I love those exciting fruity notes in a fragrance, so I decided on this one and see if it can do as much to me as Magnetism.
Well the Joop line is always a hit in my eyes. They make quality fragrances and I believe Jump should be right up there with the rest of the lineup. This was a blind buy I had no reservations at all.
Salvatorre Ferragamo's F has been one of my recent purchases in 2009. I knew about the Black version but could not find it until now. This was a blind buy that I know nothing about. Hopefully F Black is as good as the original, hopefully a little darker.
Del Mar Caribbean is next on my shopping list. I bought this for one reason and one reason only...the Black Currant. Should give this a oceanic vibe to it, obviously considering the name.
Animale Animale was only $20. Probably one of the cheapest gourmands on the market next to B*men. I hated the bottle so much that it made me not buy this for over a year. I finally looked past the ugly bottle and got it.
John Varvatos Rock Volume 1. Yea I bought it , it did lose the which bottle to buy from a previous blog, but I found it online for only $45 and it was the last one in stock. No brainer.
Last but not least the bottle you all chose for me to buy. A Cheap YSL frag in Live Jazz. This is going to be reviewed in April unlike it's 10 counterparts here that will probably have to wait a few months until being reviewed. Live Jazz just adds to my growing YSL collection.


  1. Nice update!


  2. man I love Live Jazz, cant wait for that review :)

  3. I just got the Michael Kors myself.I think you'll like it.

  4. interesting to note that JV is releasing a flanker of Artisan, called Artisan Black, maybe you could spot it overseas.




  6. Yo could probably even slow up a bit on the purchasing. I mean it's gonna take awhile to review hauls from many months ago, lol.