Monday, March 15, 2010

1000 !!!

Wow I never thought it would get this big. 1000 subscriber's on youtube. I remember back in August when I first started I was struggling to get to 50 subs. Now the channel is blossoming to be one of the main channels for men's fragrance. I am very very honored with the 1000 and that you come to watch me for your fragrance needs. Things have changed since I jumped on board this youtube thing and I am really proud that we now have over several reviewers on youtube. I want to continue to grow the community and I want to thank every single one of you for the comments you leave, the ratings you give my videos, the time you take to watch them. My door is always open for suggestions on what to buy, on ideas, on questions on basically anything. Thank you and I appreciate everyone that follows not only my videos but this blog also. Thank you Thank you Thank you !


  1. Well done Marc, u'll have more subs than Tim soon at this rate lol! I no its not a contest though lol. I got a genuine limited edition 100ml bottle of Givenchy Play Intense today, i'm proud of it, looks like its going to be quite a find at just £25 ($40) off ebay.

  2. No, Thank you Marc. Everyone appreciates the time and effort you put into your vids.