Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Fragrance From Givenchy for the summer

Givenchy is introducing a new summer flanker from the Play collection. We all have heard of Play and Play Intense, here is Play Summer Vibrations. As seen here is the new bottle. It will be only available as a 100 ml version. Top Notes include coriander leaf and citrus zest. The heart gives it some black peppers and foamy sea wave while the base if full of amyris wood just like it's counterparts. I believe the original Play was mild enough to wear during the spring/summer season but apparently I am wrong and Givenchy is releasing this. To be honest I might get it if it has enough of a difference from the original Play but in all honesty all I am seeing is Givenchy trying to cash in on the original Play's and should of left this alone.

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