Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Niche Bottle : Another Bond no 9 Fragrance

I decided instead of getting another Creed I went and got another Bond no. 9 fragrance called New Haarlem. So I can build up my Bond fragrance wardrobe a little more. This one again is a blind buy but from what I gather is a winter/fall fragrance. This is a gourmand fragrance and should be one of my better gourmands from the sound of it. I love Bond fragrances for so many reasons, one all the niche snobs or at least most of them hate the bond line since they think it's inferior for the price tag. Which means I'll be even more unique having these in my collection.

As far as the bottle I will purchase and review in April will be Live Jazz, you guys picked it so I will purchase it right away, I also already bought Animale Animale & Rock volume 1 and I will post that once I purchase the rest of the bottles I want including Live Jazz. The only difference is Live Jazz will be reviewed next month and the others probably during the summer or maybe even the Fall. I also noticed I am 10 subscribers away from 1000 on youtube. Wow !!!! I am really impressed how fast my channel has grown in the past 6-8 months. Thanks guys for the support and I will continue to share my passion with you, one video at a time :)

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  1. Looking to get my second Bond No. 9. It'll be Brooklyn.