Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I'm working on.....

The return of the "What I am working on" series on my blog, which I believe is a great way to let you guys know what reviews or what ideas I am working on for December release. This week I have been working very hard on my review of L'eau D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake. Just doing some finishing touches on the review. Basically what I do in this final step overseas is take all the info I wrote about the fragrance in the past 10-12 months while I was wearing it and put it all together in a final review. Some information never makes it to the final edit, actually come to think of it 80% of information I write down does not make the final review. Only things that keep coming back to me makes the review. This fragrance has been reviewed to death on youtube, and I took some time this week to see what the other reviewers though about this fragrance, it was interesting to see what others though about it. I believe 4 out of the 5 reviews I saw were positive . Personally you will have to wait what I think of it , but trust me I am pretty excited to review this bottle since it's popularity and love of this fragrance.

I am working on a few ideas like I usually do to add to my reviews. I am looking at tweaking my presentation including buying a brand new SLR camera (like JR's for HD quality) , and finding a new setting in my house that I feel would be better suited for lighting for my videos. I believe my cologne/clothes room isn't the best setting. I am also thinking of taking out the rating system at the end of my videos and trying to incorporate the same rating system but with bottles at the bottom of the screen while I am rating them so my videos can finish with my face and not you guys staring at a bunch of bottles. I am also thinking of removing the "when I close my eyes this fragrance reminds me of.. " and "one word to describe this fragrance" features and replace them with a compliment factor which would go in depth with how many compliments I do get with the wearings and what kind of compliments I am getting including Steph's reaction (wife) (then rate it from Excellent to poor) . I am also adding a feature which if the fragrance did make any of my top 10 videos I would say it in the video so the consumer would know if the fragrance is something I really love (ex: Le Male : rated #1 for fall in 2009, rated #2 for fall in 2010 ...etc)

I salute you my friends ! Let me know what you think, please your opinion counts to me .



  1. I am a huge fan of your reviews Marc .. unfortunately I have discovered you in the day you posted the goodbye video but that did not keep me from watching your videos and subscribed to the channel right away .. I think you will be just great in December with the new system rating best luck all the way my friend .

    my wish perfumes list that I hope to review them in future :

    Clean men by Clean
    Gendarme by Gendarme
    Eau D'hadrien for Men by Annick Goutal
    Bigarade Concentree by Frederic Malle ( your #2 best summer niche fragrance this year )

    thank you for making me smell wonderful this summer with Creed Millesime Imperial.


  2. thank you for writing my friend ! I will be looking into those fragrances that you named (I already knew about Clean & Gendarme but The Annick Goutal I have not smelled) so thank you for watching my vids and subscribing

  3. if you are going to sample it try also Eau du Sud .. Surprisingly these 2 Annich Goutal fragrances are the only perfumes that wore by Steven Spielberg .. !

    also Vetiver by Guerlain is a great perfume I don't know why hasn't been reviewed yet in YouTube but I am sure you will do it one day because I saw the vetiver note video and you seems really loving it .

    Thank you again Marc .. its just people like you who appreciate how we suppose to live this life with a smile and fresh smell .. :)