Monday, October 4, 2010

Scent of the Day : Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

Decided to open it up and try out Dior Homme Intense in Holland. Wore it for about 8 hours and still going strong. Went outside with it , went for a walk and also some chilling in my bedroom and a small 2 hour nap. First wearing impressions is that it does really feel like the original. I really felt that floral woody feel to it like I felt in the original. I also feel that lipstick feel that others get in the original, well it's still in this one folks.

Apparently this is a limited edition fragrance which I was not aware of, so I feel like I had some good luck with me finding this. I really feel like this one has a warmer quality to it, almost like comparing l'homme with la nuit de l'homme and this one and the original dior homme. It feels like I can wear this for fall and winter which is perfect for me.

Overall experience with this one I would say it came off as a quality fragrance, I would say it's very well done and I enjoyed it. It won't be one of my favourites of all time but it will compete vs the la nuit de l'homme's of the world. I enjoyed it and I think you should take a look into it too.


  1. It's pretty common here in the UK, not sure about the rest of Europe.

    Can't say it's for me though. Hated the original, so the idea of an even stronger version is offputting.

  2. stuck with this and la nuit de l'homme and cant decide what is the best for me actually.on the other hand,i wanna pull the trigger and get versace the dreamer no more being stuck. a complicated one here

  3. Would love to hear a review or your thoughts on the original.