Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 10 List ?

Alright guys I am working on a few top 10 lists. I have not done any top 10 lists on my channel yet (not including my top 10 season based lists) and I always get tons of requests to do some, so here is your chance to let me know what top 10 list you want to do on youtube once I get back. Comment below to let me know what list you want from me, I am hoping to release at least a good 3-5 top 10 lists for this winter. Some ideas that have been requested lately were : Top 10 most complemented, Top 10 for high school, Top 10 clubbing, Top 10 longest lasting, Top 10 most masculine.. you get the picture so let me know which ones you want, let me know of any fresh ideas... thanks


  1. Top 10 ocean scents .

    Top 10 most complemented .

  2. forgot to add :

    Top 10 green scents .

  3. Top 10 for sex .. sorry but I think its a great idea .

  4. 10 most original or unusual, 10 greatest value, 10 most seductive (dating), 10 collector must-haves, 10 most likely to get attention (positive or negative attention anyway), 10 sweetest, 5 best for some specific notes (some ppl have favourites, so it could be interesting, stuff like vetiver, vanilla, pepper, tea etc.)...

    Lookin forward to any vids ;)

  5. Top 10 women fragrances suitable for men...yeah I know.
    I'm the one with the pink shirt ..haha

  6. Top 10 best fragrance to wear with suit/ jeans+tshirt/ etc
    Top 10 fragrances u wish u never had bought
    Top 10 frags for meetings/presentations.

    That's all I got now.

  7. Your top 10 favorite fragrances right now :D

  8. Top 10 value for money.

    Top 10 blind buy- this is a must because we cant get all those fragrance you have in your collection.

    Top 10 safest buy...

  9. top 10 most complemented
    top 10 for sex

  10. Top 10 most seductive niche
    Top 10 most masculine niche
    Top 10 must-try niche

  11. Thanks guys this was helpful if you think of others keep commenting, no idea is a bad idea

  12. top 10 sport
    top 10 clubbing
    top 10 seductive (definetly)
    top 10 citrus
    top 10 longevity
    top 10 projection
    top 10 college
    top 10 dating
    top 10 most complemented
    top 10 amber
    top 10 musk
    top 10 lavender
    top 10 SEX
    top 10 earthy
    top 10 clean

  13. Your Top 10 Designer and Your Top 10 Niche =)

  14. Top 10 Date
    Top 10 Club/Bar
    Top 10 Longevity
    Top 10 Projection

  15. Please do top ten clubbing. I live in Las Vegas and am always trying to figure out what to where here. Needs to be pretty powerful to stand out.

  16. Yeah, that top 10 High School scents sounds promising! Haha. And also the top 10 Most Lasting scents. Both have my vote!

  17. Top 10 for office based work as in great scents that are not annoying or offensive to others.

    You could also do a vid on where to start in the niche market if you are new to the biz.

  18. top ten scents you wish you would wear if you were in highschool and college/university
    top ten sweetest
    ten niche fragrances worth purchasing
    ten bottles or fragrances you would never use but would use to kill something with if you were on a deserted