Monday, October 4, 2010

Scent of the Day : Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Going back to the favourite... brought one of my bottles with me since I don't think I could do another 2 months without it... yea if you didn't know you know now, this is my signature scent.


  1. For a reason I can't fathom, le male is not yet in my arsenal yet.... bizarre.... But it is on top of my list of frags to buy tho.

    On a side note of favorite scents, Thierry mugler got some Pure Malts back in stock (in limited quantity of course.) also at Nordstrom. Just ran over to nearest Nordstrom (San Francisco downtown) and got one. They had 8 in stock, and I got one of them. It was 70 USD so it was definitely a deal, considering eBay prices. Time to get another bottle of this awesome frag!!!

  2. You and your Le Male fetish. I love it. Marc, buddy, come on, peep my blog! Not as refined as yours, but some previews of what I do. Unless yer yellow. Yellow, what a funny combination of mouth movements to make a funny word. Imagine a Yellow and Black Le Male. It could be the special "Bumblebee edition" with notes of honey and awesome. Yeah, doesn't sound good on paper/monitor.

    To FiatFlux: You're in SF? No way! I'm in SF!

  3. Hello! I see that JPG Le male is your signature scent and for that I think you should know if exists a website where you can check serial number of Le male.
    Thanks for your reviews, are very useful for me!