Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Fragrance on the market : Puma Jam Man

Puma has released a new duo called Jam for men & women. This isn't a huge headline that people will jump for joy with a new fragrance from Puma. I did do a review of Puma Create for Men and thought it was not bad for a sport fragrance against the Adidas of the world's.

Top : Marine Notes
Heart : Pineapple ; cardamom
Base : Tropical Woods

As you can see with most of these baby blue juices from these kinds of companies the notes are very simple and almost made up. I can picture it now that this will be very synthetic, but you come to expect that from these releases. The only thing I can say would excite me is to smell the synthetic Pineapple in this and see how it turns out. Puma Jam is available as 25 ml Eau de Parfum, 40 ml Eau de Toilette, 150 ml shower gel, 60 ml after shave lotion, 150 ml deodorant aerosol spray and 75 ml deodorant natural spray.

Consider me yawning at this release which most of you will, but I still would like to take a sniff and see if it's worth a sniff for the teens or a gym fragrance.

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  1. Yawn, ha...time 4 a new scent of the month sir